YouTube announces extension of shorts to all US users, new Shorts tab to improve discovery

YouTube announces extension of shorts to all US users, new Shorts tab to improve discovery

After launching a first beta test of its new option “ Shorts ” for a selection of American users back in march, YouTube is now extend Shorts to all US users, with wider access to the tool next week.

According to YouTube Conor


“Over the next week, all designers in the United States will have access to the Shorts Camera”

This will open up new opportunities for YouTube users, while also creating more interest in short films as a content option, which could see it become a much more important consideration in the app.

Like with Projector on Snapchat and Reels on Instagram, Shorts has so far been a winner for YouTube, with the company seeing particularly good traction among users in India, where TikTok was. banned last june.

Indeed, in his recent income update, YouTube parent company Alphabet reported that Shorts now hit 6.5 billion views per day, up from 3.5 billion at the end of 2020. This momentum has inspired more attention to the app’s function, as it seeks to maximize the growing interest in short – shape content and beat out competition from other platforms.

YouTube made the announcement as part of its weekly Creator Insider Video Update, in which he also described a range of new additions to the shorts.

First, YouTube is increasing the maximum length of short films to 60 seconds (down from 15 seconds), providing more creative capacity in short film clips. The only caveat to this is that shorts using music from the YouTube library will still be capped at 15 seconds to avoid copyright issues.

And in a big step, YouTube is also looking to give Shorts a more specific focus in the app by adding a new Shorts tab to the bottom navigation options of the app, to further stimulate the discovery of Shorts.

YouTube Shorts tab

So far, YouTube has only highlighted the content of the shorts in a shorts “ shelf ” that appears between the videos in your main YouTube feed, but now the clips of the shorts will have their own. separate item in the app, thus placing more emphasis on the option.

As you can see above, with the addition of the new Shorts tab at the bottom of the screen, the “ Explore ” tab will also be moved to the top, making room in the row of functions.

The update will undoubtedly bring many more users to the content of Shorts, and with all users in the US now having access, as well as the popularity of Shorts in India, it seems likely that this will become a feature. much more important of the general. YouTube experience.

It is worth taking note of this in your planning.

YouTube is also adding new short film filters, available in the recording and editing screens, which will provide more creative presentation options for your short film clips.

YouTube further notes that over the next year it will be releasing “ a ton of new filters and effects ” for the content of the shorts, ultimately bringing it more in line with TikTok and Instagram Reels in terms of ‘creation and editing tools.

And finally, YouTube also adds automatic captions for short films, which users can also manually add and / or edit as they see fit.

YouTube shorts

Instagram added automatic captions for stories, which is also arriving at Reels, earlier this week.

It’s interesting to consider the implications of Shorts expansion, with viewership numbers also reflecting the option’s growing popularity within the larger YouTube experience.

Yes, this is a TikTok scam, which may sound unethical, but the results show that YouTube viewers are interested, so it makes sense for YouTube to double that option.

Which, again, could take into account the panning of your YouTube content. Shorts don’t have direct monetization options yet, but it’s worth considering that when users subscribe to your shorts, they will also subscribe to your main YouTube channelwhich means they’ll also be alerted to any longer form content you post.

There is clearly potential value here, and with shorts focusing more, maybe it’s time to start exploring your short form options.

Additionally, if you’re looking to better understand the latest shorts trends, which may soon be more interesting, you can check out the platform’s bimonthly ”Short films report‘which also includes tips and FAQs.

YouTube Shorts Report

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