YouTube Adds New Analytics Options to Provide More Context on Subscriptions, Earnings, and More

YouTube Adds New Analytics Options to Provide More Context on Subscriptions, Earnings, and More

YouTube added a range of new analysis tools to help provide creators with more information on their upload performance, channel membership growth, specific revenue impacts, etc.

First, the information on new members, which displays the total number and active members over the chosen period.

It is important to note that these are paid members via Channel subscriptions

, not channel subscribers, who follow your channel, but watch your videos for free. Channel subscriptions allow viewers to join your channel through monthly payments and get member-only benefits “like badges, emoji, and other merchandise.”

As explained by Youtube:

“When creators come to us and tell us about subscriptions, what they usually ask is’ how are my subscriptions changing over time? ‘,’ Which of my videos has helped me gain or lose more more members than usual? “Does it help if I remind my audience to become a paying member?” “”

This new graphic will help answer these questions, with a deeper insight into member activity.

You can also research data on the total number of active, gained and lost members over time, which will provide additional insight into how your efforts to increase membership are going or the impact of each of them. your downloads on your number of members.

YouTube also makes its “Other Channels Your Audience Watch” and “Other Videos Your Audience Watch” lists available on mobile. These two lists are currently available on desktop, but will now also be available in the “Audience” tab on mobile.

It also makes its explanation of video performance more visible in Desktop Analytics.

YouTube analytics update

As you can see here, channel managers will now see upstream explanations of the data presented, which should provide more context to help you manage your content.

YouTube is also adding more information on revenue changes, highlighting potential changes by viewer region.

YouTube analytics update

As explained by YouTube:

“If revenue goes up or down, due to the audience moving to a country with a higher or lower CPM, we call it.”

Variable tax laws and processes mean different impacts on YouTube’s revenue, and in order to provide more transparency around those impacts, YouTube is now looking to provide more specific data on the regional impacts of your process.

And finally, YouTube added a new post engagement metrics display, which shows votes and likes on the channel’s top posts over the past 28 days.

YouTube analytics update

The new options are mostly tweaks and improvements to the tools available, but they will help provide more specific context on how the YouTube channel is performing and how you can steer your strategy to align with key changes.

How you use each element of your approach will depend on your analysis of the numbers and what you’re trying to achieve, but more data can only help define a better strategy for improving your video’s performance.

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