Why Twitch Streamers Would Rather NO Ads Than Twitch’s Ad System (Brand Safety Score)

Why Twitch Streamers Would Rather NO Ads Than Twitch’s Ad System (Brand Safety Score)

Twitch’s Ad system is so bad it LOSES streamers more money than it pays them. How? Let me explain this wacky world of an ad system so archiac that streamers beg for less ads, not more. While on YouTube we throw as many ads in our videos as we can get way with, on Twitch, streamers avoid them like the plague. You won’t believe how low the rates are, which is why Twitch’s new leaked ‘Brand Safety Score’ is a breath of fresh air. This new system would product edgy content creators, actually make ads worth playing, give effectively everyone more money, and help make Twitch finally profitable for amazon (safeguarding its future).

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