why shouldn’t you be left out

why shouldn’t you be left out

It’s nothing new that digital is here to stay. Advances in technology and the growing number of people connected to the internet show how important it is to go from offline to digital.

But does digital apply to all types of businesses? What are the advantages for the entrepreneur who decides to adapt his business model to this complex scenario? What is the best strategy to achieve this?

It is to answer these questions that Lina Volpini, responsible for innovation and competitiveness at Sebrae Minas, participated in the last edition of Hotmart MASTERS.

But what is the MASTERS Hotmart? It’s an event global, online e 100% free, with conferences from the biggest names in the digital market.

And you can check out a bit of Lina Volpini’s talk in another video from the Jornada Hotmart MASTERS series in the video below. Or, if you prefer, you can continue reading this article!

How to adapt to digital transformations?

Cycles of technological change are increasingly rapid. At all times, new technologies, social networks, platforms and services are emerging, revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands.

If a few years ago consumers used the Internet as a research tool, with a support role in the purchasing process, now all customer journey, from the first contact with the brand until the sale, goes through the network.

This process has been further accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and measures of social isolation. As a result, several entrepreneurs have been forced to digitize their businesses and, in some cases, adopt the home office.

“Suddenly everyone had to go online. Digitization has become a priority commercial strategy, a positioning strategy, in the face of this new customer that has emerged.

– Lina Volpini

It is a chaotic and difficult scenario, a source of insecurity for many entrepreneurs. Lina explains that, despite the difficulties, this forced digitization represents a great business opportunity.

However, to take advantage of it, you have to reinvent yourself. According to the head of innovation, it is not enough to create profiles on social networks or launch a website. It is necessary to rethink all dimensions of the company.

Lina gives some tips for those looking for a profound change in the business model, making the most of the opportunities of the digital environment:

Have a goal

The first step towards digital reinvention is to find a purpose. As Lina points out, this doesn’t have to be far from the truth.

The goal is what connects the business to the customer and the positive impact they want to have on the market and on society.

Observe your customer

In addition to a finality, Lina also explains that it is essential for the entrepreneur to know everything about his client.

“We have to understand who he is, who nobody that’s the one we’re dealing with. We must be clear about the experience that the customer wants to have with our brand. “

– Lina Volpini

See your opportunities

Lina also comments that a common vision of many entrepreneurs is to see problems as obstacles. The ideal, according to her, is to change this vision and face the difficulties as opportunities for change and growth.

“A problem, when you turn it into an opportunity, it generates income, it does not generate loss.”

– Lina Volpini

Value the changing environment

Another aspect that facilitates digital reinvention, according to Lina, is creating an environment that values ​​and encourages change and creativity.

She recalls that all successful entrepreneurs have cultivated diversity and let new ideas take flight.

Focus on the essentials

Next, Lina Volpini underlines that, in a world where time is increasingly scarce, you have to know how to define what is a priority.

She emphasizes that the key to a successful digital transition is knowing which opportunities, changes and strategies will have the greatest positive impact on the business.

Do it differently

This change in attitude towards obstacles contributes to innovation, a term shrouded in myths, according to Lina. The expert explains that innovating is nothing more than doing something different, that is, finding new ways to solve problems and think outside the box, to provide better and better solutions.

“Listen to your customer, see what they want, listen, listen, see your competition, what they’re doing. It doesn’t have to be something creative, to the point of being the first in the market to do it, that’s not it.

– Lina Volpini

Digital reinvention in 6 steps

Finally, the chief innovation officer lists six essential steps to take a business from the offline world to the online world.

  1. Understand the changes and their impact on your business model
  2. Define, in a few points, which changes are necessary and priority
  3. Clearly explain your goal
  4. Define the required culture
  5. Lead by example and engage the team
  6. Implement the rapid change cycle

Now it’s your turn! Put into practice the teachings of Lina Volpini and take your business to the digital world.

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