Why not hire an employee without the bac?

Why not hire an employee without the bac?

Ah this tray! Always for several decades the object of all the attentions. Certainly he is evolving in substance as in form but this year with confinement he will have discouraged more than one youngster to present. This national state diploma is made up of the same tests for all students in the same field. It is often presented as the key to access to higher education but particularly as the possibility of entering the workforce. Very important for carrying out long-term studies, the baccalaureate is not always necessary to enter professional life. So why not hire an employee without the bac?

The baccalaureate, a diploma dating from Napoleon’s time

The origin of the word baccalaureate draws its root from the Latin phrase “bacca laurea” meaning “laurel wreath”. Seen as a trophy for many high school students, it marks the passage simultaneously to coming of age and entering higher education. This diploma, introduced at the time of Napoleon, has become a key. Coupled with the creation of high schools, the baccalaureate introduces a selection. Over time, it is considered an almost essential step for young high school students to choose the industry in which they will evolve. Today, it is a passport for the university and for certain trades. But as an employer what are the reasons for recruit a candidate with or without a baccalaureate?

A brand of value for the employee

Each year, during the baccalaureate exams, its legitimacy and usefulness are called into question. The diploma, often often considered obsolete in the professional environment, is nevertheless required to carry out certain studies. It is not essential, of course, but it turns out to be a reference during a job interview. As a recruiter, there are times when you think that a person without this diploma does not justify the level required for the proposed position and you dismiss it without trying to further define the skills of the candidate. Although this habit can be shared by many companies, it is essential to break the stereotypes. A person without this diploma is not necessarily synonymous with an incompetent employee. High school remains a complicated period for many young people who are sometimes put off by certain subjects and by traditional pedagogy and it also happens that the absence of this diploma is due to a combination of circumstances linked to the student’s life. So before refusing an application, do not forget to focus on his experiences and his qualities which could prove to be a strength for your company. Professional successes without the baccalaureate are plentiful.

The baccalaureate is not synonymous with experience

In the jungle of profiles, it is difficult to discern the pearl: candidate with a baccalaureate but without experience, candidate without a baccalaureate without experience, candidate without a baccalaureate with experience … Given the evolution of society and new technologies, it is possible to meet the ideal profile with a candidate with a baccalaureate but without experience and a candidate without a baccalaureate with real experience in the field. So how do you do it? Understanding his motivation, his daily determination is one of the essentials and understanding what led him to stop or continue his studies. Not having the baccalaureate in hand is not necessarily synonymous with incompetence, the ability to adapt, laxity … Web developers or even programmers, for example, remain specialists very often trained as self-taught and who have a ability to solve, analyze which surprises more than one. Of course, there are dedicated studies such as pharmacy and medicine which require diploma courses and which cannot be practiced without the diploma, but many jobs stemming from the internet among others can be learned alone thanks to patience and mastery. of the domain. Many entrepreneurs have atypical backgrounds and their common quality is the desire to succeed and overcome the obstacles inherent in their business.

A candidate without the baccalaureate who does not justify a real professional experience leads more than one recruiter not to select him. While not looking for the five-legged sheep, focus on the skills and qualities required for the job and on its willingness to get involved and adapt.

Solutions to improve employee qualifications

Once you have hired a candidate who does not have the baccalaureate, you can consider offering them qualifying training. For jobs relating to restaurants, hotels or simply apprenticeship, it is possible to support the employee towards a CAP. In addition, for positions within a company in the tertiary sector, there are distance training courses to present the baccalaureate or even so that your employee can improve in certain areas.

There are also solutions for the employee so that he can access a certification corresponding to a level of study. This is the VAE (Validation of acquired experience). It consists of an assessment with a validation file. This option allows a person to start studies without having the bac. This professional training is meaningful for both the employee and the company. It improves the qualification of employees and helps them to pursue studies relevant to their field.

Choosing the right person for the position you offer requires above all human qualities. And do not forget that there are solutions to improve the qualifications of employees without diplomas. So we drop the stereotypes and why not give it a try.

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