Why make Facebook Ads in 2021?

Why make Facebook Ads in 2021?

In 2020, Facebook has 2.7 billion users worldwide and 38 million in France. Making Facebook the most used social network in the world. On the business side, more than 7 million of them are Facebook advertising. Indeed, any company wishing to have more visibility, increase its traffic or acquire customers can opt for Facebook advertising.. Facebook Ads stay on advertising media most profitable with an average cost per 1000 displays of 5.4 € and an average cost per click of 0.33 €.

The marketing objectives of the campaigns

You want to take a step forward and achieve your advertising with a Facebook agency Ads ? To do this, you must start by defining your marketing goals. That is why Facebook Ads classified the objectives into three broad categories.

Awareness campaigns

These marketing goals will focus on brand awareness and reach. They aim to generate interest in your product or service. To increase awareness of your brand, you need to explain to people what your products can do for them.

Consideration campaigns

They focus on circulation, the the interactions, l‘installing applications, video views and lead generation. Goals therefore encourage users to take more interest in your business and seek out more information.

Conversion campaigns

These objectives of Facebook focus on conversions, sales on a product catalog and on point-of-sale visits. Thus, they encourage interested people to buy or use your product or service.

The 3 essential steps for good Facebook ads

To fix objectives

So that your Facebook Ads advertising is relevant and effective, you must determine your marketing objectives. You need to know what you want to get from this advertisement:

  • increased traffic?
  • a surge in commitments?
  • an increase in conversions?

It is thanks to this marketing objective, that the objective of your advertisement will be defined.

Target the right users

In order to have a Facebook ad that works, your people must be well defined. That is why, Facebook offers the possibility of precisely targeting the audience to entice undecided consumers to purchase or to identify quality leads. You will thus know the expectations of users and will be able to better segment your prospects and better understand their buying journey.

Appropriate content

There are two steps to having a consistent content in your advertising, an appropriate text and a matching visual.

We start by determining the message you want to broadcast. Do you want to highlight a promo code, a novelty, a new product …? Your message must catch the eye of the consumer.

Regarding writing, adapt the vocabulary to your target. You are addressing community managers ? Use the marketing dialect. However, if you are addressing SMEs, common language will be more recommended. Be impactful in the choice of words used, in a few seconds you must convince the user to click.

Know that your visual must be adapted to your message, but also capture the attention of users. Choose it carefully: color, size of the text, characters … the choice is vast!

Facebook Ads: 4 secrets to making your ads

Test multiple ads

Every time you create a new campaign Facebook Ads, take the time to make, for example, 4 different advertisements and to test each one. Imagine you are testing two different images with two different messages (2 images x 2 messages = 4 variations). Remember that you can test everything, even a totally crazy idea.

Shape your Buyer Personas

To properly prepare your ad, you need to identify the type of person you want to target and their expectations. It goes through the segmentation and understanding of their purchasing journey. To do this, create The buyers, that is to say, typical profiles of buyers. Man or woman ? What profession? What is the problem and how can I solve it? Once you’ve created your personas, you don’t need to target them all from the start, take it easy.

Use social proof

But what is it ? The social proof is a principle in psychology. An individual who does not know what to do or think will tend to adopt the behavior or point of view of other people. It’s a concept as old as marketing, but the advent of social media has accelerated the effectiveness and importance of social proof. Making customer testimonials more affordable than ever.

Choose captivating images

Advertising on social networks is a real battlefield. This is why it is essential to stand out to attract the attention of your customers. The first point of fall is the visual, a good image that catches the eye, can already earn you a click.

Our few tips:

  • The color: choose flashy colors and avoid using blue, too similar to Facebook’s graphic charter
  • Image quality: prefer PNG format to JPG
  • The text: it must respect a quota of maximum 20% of text on the image

The watchword, be creative! But remember, just because an image needs to grab attention, it doesn’t have to be offensive.

We hope you are now convinced of using Facebook Ads, to achieve your marketing goals and increase your leads. You now know all the tips for successful advertising on Facebook, so it’s up to you!

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