Why is the buyer persona important in inbound marketing?

Why is the buyer persona important in inbound marketing?

Methodology inbound marketing is based on attracting potential customers to the brand by offering valuable content. But the definition of “valuable content” is not universal, as everyone’s interests can be very different.

Therefore, in order for inbound marketing to work, it is necessary to be clear about who we are targeting and what we have to offer to capture their attention. And this is where the buyer personality. We explain what it is and why it is so important in inbound marketing.

Why the buyer's persona matters in inbound marketing

What is the buyer?

The buyer persona is a representation of our ideal client, a kind of “robot portrait” which describes its main characteristics. It is not only a question of knowing your age, your gender or where you live, but also your challenges, your motivations, your goals, your needs, your life circumstances … It is even advisable to seek a image that represents you and to give it a name, in order to be able to identify more easily with it.

It is important to keep in mind that the buyer is not always the end buyer of the product or service, but there are different types:

  • Decision maker: the person who makes the final purchasing decision. This is most common in products aimed directly at consumers.
  • Prescriber– The person who recommends the product, for example a personal trainer, can recommend sports equipment.
  • Influencer (the famous “influencers“): the person who can influence the purchasing decisions of others by their opinion. Sometimes it is more interesting to go on these types of profiles and gain their recommendation, rather than directly addressing end users.

We must also distinguish between the traditional concept of “target” used in traditional marketing and the buyer persona in inbound marketing. The main difference is that the target defines the audience based on aspects such as gender, age or purchasing power, while the buyer persona focuses more on needs.

Why the buyer's persona matters in inbound marketing

Why should you create a persona for your inbound marketing strategy?

1) It helps you know better who you are talking to

If the maxim of personal development is “know thyself”, the maxim of marketing should be “know your customers“In a world saturated with advertising, generic campaigns rarely achieve their goals. On the contrary, brands that succeed in demonstrating to users that they understand their needs are the ones that stand out from the competition.

Understanding what your customers need is not only helpful in inbound marketing, but in all aspects of your business, from designing new products and services that meet their needs to providing customer service through the channels they use the most.

2) know where to find your customers

And speaking of channels, another great benefit of the buyer persona is that it allows us to locate our potential customers in the huge world of digital marketing. For example, we can find out what social networks they are using, what podcast they are listening to, or what type of keywords they are looking for.

All of this information helps us to elevate a more effective strategyBecause we can focus our efforts on the sites where we know we are most likely to reach our audience. Thus, the marketing budget is much better used.

3) Guide your SEO

The inbound keyword research this is the starting point for SEO strategies. The problem is, every product or service has hundreds or thousands of possible keywords, and people often use combinations of terms that never occurred to us.

Why the buyer persona matters in inbound marketing

Google Keyword Planner

If you have a well-defined buyer personality, things change. Instead of just researching possible keywords and looking at their research data, you can focus your research from the perspective of your potential customer. What needs do you have and how would you seek to resolve them through Google search? This way you will have a much better chance of hitting the target.

4) improve your content marketing

We have already noted that one of the great pillars of inbound marketing is the valuable content, but “value” does not mean the same for everyone.

When you know your buyer persona well, you know exactly what problems they want to solve and you can offer them solutions through your content. Additionally, the buyer persona will not only help guide the themes, but also the tone, style, and format of your content.

5) attract users who actually convert

If we launch an inbound marketing strategy without clearly targeting a buyer persona, in the end we will have many visitors who have come across our website or channels by accident and are unlikely to be interested in our product or service. Therefore, the conversion rate to leads will not be as expected.

However, when we direct our marketing campaigns to a very specific user profile, our visits will be of a much better quality. Therefore, we will get generate more leads and more sales conversions with the same effort.

6) Personalize your marketing email

We know that the more personalized the emails, the better the results. By creating a buyer persona, we collect a lot of data about our potential customers, and all of that information helps us to create more relevant messages and send them just at the right time.

Segmenting email marketing campaigns based on your buyers and their position in the buying cycle and adding some personal touches (e.g. the last product they bought) is a great way to send emails. -super efficient emails.

7) Optimize your marketing resources

Targeting inbound marketing campaigns based on your buyer personality allows you to make the segmentation much more precise. You are targeting exactly those people who are likely to be most interested in your product or service and, therefore, those who are most likely to convert. You also optimize your posts to reach exactly what may interest them most. And at the same time, you stop wasting your budget on reaching less interested users. The result is that your marketing investment will be better spent than ever.

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