Why integrate content marketing into the SEO strategy?

Why integrate content marketing into the SEO strategy?

To be effective, the content marketing must be oriented SEO.

Often, content creation has to come with creativity and inspiration. The writing is laborious and the words must be chosen with care. The terms chosen must also correspond to a high volume of search on the search engines. This is the reason why it is important to integrate SEO directly into the content creation stage. This article explains why and how to integrate content marketing into the SEO strategy.

What is content creation?

It is the action of creating original and interesting publications for the intended target audience. Content can be posted on various social media channels and in the blog section of your website.

What is optimized writing for SEO ?

It is the fact of writing content that can be clearly visible on search engines like Google. For example, a blog post that ends up on your website that provides helpful tips for using your product well may be ranked above the results when people search for a particular item. By choosing keywords that generate high search volume, your blog post will be more visible and it will attract more web traffic.

Here are some ideas for easily integrating SEO into your content creation.

1. Determine your goal

First and foremost, your business should choose a specific goal before creating new content. Is it to market your products and services, increase website traffic or increase sales? Knowing your goal, determine what words can help you achieve that goal. If the goal is to sell more red jerseys, add the words “red jersey for sale”. If it is to provide information on how to fish easily in Quebec, add as a title “5 tips to fish more easily in Quebec”.

2. See what interests my target audience

Determine what information your customers want to know and what words they use to find what they are looking for. To do this, do some research about their interests and concerns. Ask yourself what you could do to make their life easier.

3. Think aboutuser experience

When people visit your website to view information, it should be easy for them to find their way on your platform as well as in your article. If they find your article interesting, but get lost in an array of unstructured ideas, their reading may end prematurely. Add catchy titles and subheadings to clearly delineate the ideas developed. Provide a positive user experience throughout your site navigation. Visiting your site should be user-friendly on both desktop and mobile.

What are the advantages ?

Several advantages are observed when a company integrates SEO right from the creation of content. The return on investment (ROI) will be greater in the long run. Indeed, you will pay less in SEO than in Google’s PPC (Pay per Click) ads. It is also the most effective way to improve the visibility of your website among Internet users who are genuinely interested in your products and services.

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