Why Everyone’s WRONG about Twitch Forcing Midroll Ads

Why Everyone’s WRONG about Twitch Forcing Midroll Ads

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In a tweet announced in September – Twitch has announced they will now force ads to be run if streamers do not run the ads themselves. Similar to other platforms, “midroll” ads are ads played during a livestream. Previously a streamer could choose to run ads when/if they wanted to, and only preroll ads were not optional. With this addiiton, midroll ads will run if you don’t manually run ads for 3 minutes of every 60 minutes of live broadcast.

My tweets about this are here:

Since I’ve received a fair amount of (expected) push back from small streamers on the addition of midroll ads and their necessity – this video is made to clarify how the system and how/why it works. There will be a follow up video discussing complexities in how Twitch ads work, and how fill rates work.

There is so much misunderstanding about how the ad system on Twitch works. Most people haven’t read and don’t understand that if you run ads you will not get ads that interrupt your broadcast. Other complaints include smaller broadcasters getting less benefit from running ads, which is an argument that comes from just not understanding how ads work. You need to understand Twitch midroll ads, how midroll ads work, and the fundamental system behind how ads make money for streamers.

This is unfortunately a super nuanced topic that requires a lot of education to understand – so expecting some degree of ignorant negativity due to ‘ads bad.’

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Twitch advertising breakdown
02:30 – Twitch has to run ads
07:35 – How Twitch has tried to run more ads
09:25 – How will this impact viewership?
11:10 – How to opt out as a streamer
12:55 – How many ads will be shown?
15:02 – Income increase for streamers
20:05 – Why people are mad about the change
26:20 – Subscribe or watch ads
29:55 – Still less ads than Youtube and TV
35:00 – Alternatives to running more ads
37:18 – Poor CPM to ad revenue on Twitch
41:20 – Why sub-gifting was bad for streamers
43:58 – Twitch joining Amazon Advertising

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