Who doesn’t follow me on Instagram?

Who doesn’t follow me on Instagram? … Growing your Instagram community can be a challenge, but keeping your followers can be even more difficult. The smartest brands strive to understand their audience and give them enough reasons to stick with their followers. To make sure you don’t unsubscribe, it’s important to personalize your content, use good quality images, and maintain an active digital presence.

But what happens when someone stops following you? Is there a way to find out who these people are who probably only followed you to be followed? The answer is yes! There are several ways to find out who is not following you on Instagram. However, before you start unsubscribing profiles from your Instagram lists, determine if those accounts are worth unfollowing. A large portion of the profiles that have these types of issues follow growth practices that many professionals find unsustainable or generate spam. Either way, if you are growing your community with content, interactions, and genuine interest in your audience, and just want to shorten your “follow” list to improve your engagement rates, followers / subscriptions , etc. This article is for you.

Who doesn’t follow me on Instagram? Third party applications.

Since April 4 of this year, Instagram has changed its usage policies. One of the most important was to limit access to your information to third parties. Excellent! Certain? Well it’s not if you agree and want to share your information with these apps .. But .. well you can’t anymore.

You are probably wondering why I am sharing this information with you if it no longer works? The reason is that I would like to protect you. In general, I would never recommend sharing your personal information with someone you don’t fully trust, but if for some reason you decide to do so, I just want you to know that it can’t be done anymore. . In other words, if a company still offers these services, the chances of them trying to steal your information are pretty high … of course that’s just my point of view, a specialist’s point of view. of social media marketing.

The good news is, if you really want to know who’s not following you on Instagram, you can always do it! The process is less efficient, but it is possible. Ah! Before we continue and as a pro tip, I recommend that you use review sites whenever you interact with a business other than the social network. This will allow you to assess whether the company is trustworthy. But, you would be surprised how many people don’t. However, some appraisal companies can also be fraudulent, so be careful!

Now yes. Who doesn’t follow me on Instagram? Manual revision

This process can become as sophisticated or as simple as you choose, but don’t be surprised if you end up using Excel or some other cellular app to clean up your lists. Besides, in my opinion and that of many experts in the field, the question should not be who does not follow me on Instagram? If not, who isn’t interacting with me on Instagram? Don’t just follow the people who follow you, follow the profiles that interact with your brand. At the end of the day, these are the people who drive value for your profile and, in many cases, these are the last ones we follow. But as it seems in my city, this is another matter and another article focused on interaction, audience growth and their correlation … Hmm .. I think I’ll start writing it. Thanks for the idea guys.

Getting back to blogging topic, the easiest way to narrow your “follow” list to only people who actually interact with your profile is to look at your engagement history for the past 2-3 weeks. Of course, it will depend on the size of your account, but in general I would recommend using it for at least fourteen days. History of participation? I mean the likes, comments, views in your stories, videos, and posts. It’s very simple, in a list (paper, excel, numbers, google sheets, or just on your phone.) Write the names of all the people who have had an interaction with your profile. If you want to go further, indicate how many times have they participated with your account 1? of them? fifty? You might be a fan… and identifying these promoters is one of the most important steps in developing your profile.

Now that you’ve identified your fans, or at least other users who interact with your profile, you can complete the Who doesn’t follow me on Instagram? Question. Most importantly, it will show you which profiles are worth following and which you could remove, if you want to narrow your list of “followers”.

The steps to stop following these inactive profiles are very simple. All you have to do is go to your Instagram profile, click on “Follow”, compare your list of active users, and click again on “follow” in the profiles that do not interact with you.

Our recommendation is that before you ask, who doesn’t follow me on Instagram? start strategizing to keep your followers engaging with your account.

What to do when someone is no longer following you on Instagram?

Here are some tips to prevent someone from following you on Instagram, or to increase your level of interaction with your existing followers.

Tip n ° 1: Personalize your Instagram ™ account

Instagram has an incredibly active community and just like other social networks, you will get what you give. Organize your content according to the style your Instagram community values ​​the most, and don’t be afraid to be fun, try new things, or get creative. They’re much more likely to stop following you if your content is boring and repetitive. For example, posting unattractive photos of your products too often will cause you to lose followers instead of gaining new ones.

Think of innovative ways to incorporate your product into a visual story, often it’s as easy as taking a photo of your product in a park or cafeteria. Brands that have chosen to advertise on Instagram have been succeed because they save time and effort by creating a single photo that captivates their audience while helping them to present their brand identity in a creative way.

Tip # 2: Post High Quality Photos

Instagram is a visual platform, therefore, to avoid being untracked it is essential that you post high quality photos. It is very easy to lose subscribers if you post blurry and blurry photos. With the modernity of the cameras of the smartphones And with the fact that Instagram allows you to post images from professional cameras, brands have no reason to produce low-quality content.

If you don’t want to lose followers, you need to invest in the quality of every photo you post on Instagram. Take the time to edit your photos using apps that don’t use built-in filters like VSCOcam or Afterlight and if you really want to, learn what colors work best on Instagram. Either way, if you don’t have the budget to buy a medium format camera… (around $ 50,000… Invaluable) don’t hurry. An image is more than the camera that takes it. Study topics like “Composition of a photograph”“ Photographic themes ”“ Lighting ”“ Photographic styles ”and“ colors ”. I promise that your photos will improve a lot more if you study these concepts than they will improve if you switch your smartphone to a professional camera.

You do not believe me? I am sharing one of my most recent photos. I know it’s not “excellent” or “professional”, but I took it on my iPhone … And trust me, it’s way better than what I used to download from my professional camera before.

Tip # 3: Post and interact regularly

The number of brands using Instagram has grown by 80% in the past year, but only 57% of brands post at least once a week. If you don’t post content regularly, your followers will get bored, lose interest, and might stop following you. What’s the point of having an account for your brand if you don’t engage with your audience on a regular basis?

But at the same time, posting too frequently is the number one reason Instagram users no longer follow certain brands. Limit your posts to once or twice a day and publish them during times when users are most active (typically 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.).

Create a content strategy and timeline for Instagram just like you would with other social networks. While the Instagram API doesn’t allow you to schedule posts, apps like Latergram.me give you the option to pre-upload your photo and post as well as receive notifications with reminders to post at certain times.

The natural cycle of Instagram followers

Inevitably, all brands lose followers at some point, but if you are smart you will learn from the experience and improve your Instagram presence. Use a tool to track how many subscribers you gain and lose (if your research considers them “reliable”). If you lose more followers than usual in a day, take a look at the content you posted to see how it relates to the rest of your photos and adjust your strategy. For example, if you typically post fun, bright photos outdoors, then notice a bit of disinterest when posting a photo of your product indoors at a restaurant, this is most likely a very obvious indicator. the type of content your audience enjoys.

The best way to keep your subscribers? Show yourself human and interact with them! Follow, comment, and like your Instagram community posts to show them how much you care. Remember that a simple “like” can be a reminder of your brand.

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