Which series character are you?

Which series character are you?

In a few years, TV series have become real sociological phenomena. They are now an integral part of the daily life of the majority of spectators on the planet. These programs take first place in the podium of favorite entertainment, relegating television and motion pictures to the background. With its varied stories and adventures, the TV series offer a range of characters, from heroes to antiheroes, including charismatic or detestable personalities. Whether they come from the world of business, politics or a fantasy world, some characters are full of qualities specific to entrepreneurship. Find out which TV series character most defines your character and your entrepreneurial stature, influencing the creation and development of your company, the relationship with your employees, the achievement of your overarching goals and your success. These are just a few examples that we let you complete as you wish.

Rick Grimes, protector and strategist

Like Rick Grimes, main character of The Walking Dead series played by Andrew Lincoln, you are ready to do anything to protect your business and its members as well as to develop it, using a clever business plan and various strategies. . Like the former King County Sheriff’s Deputy, you have succeeded in forming a strong and united team with different types of expertise and qualities specific to each, allowing you to work in harmony with a collective goal. , that of bringing society to the top. Even though the leader costume weighs you at the start of your adventure, you assume your role by going into battle and on the front line, to solve the problems and difficulties that the company may go through every day. You see your workplace as a place of learning where everyone has to learn skills and pass them on to challenge themselves and convince, similar to Grimes and his group of survivors who are constantly learning techniques to survive the Apocalypse. You are an entrepreneur who takes everyone’s opinion into account even if it is not in line with your ideas. Exit the “I” to place the “we” at the center of the company where confidence reigns. Like Rick facing his terrifying competitors like the zombies, the Governor or even Negan and his bat Lucille, you do not accept defeat and you keep the same vision, despite the losses, betrayals and technical and financial difficulties. Despite the success, you remain vigilant and are alert to any changes, to avoid new threats.

Daenerys Targaryen, visionary and ambitious

Leader or leader at heart, you have a vision and precise objectives in mind and seek to achieve them with ambition and seriousness, like Daenerys Targaryen, emblematic character of the fantasy series, Game of Thrones and played by actress Emilia Clarke. First destabilized by this unknown universe that is entrepreneurship, you have known, by dint of courage and perseverance, to create and develop your business. You believe in your abilities and you will stop at nothing to achieve your goal, as does the Queen of House Targaryen in her conquest of the Iron Throne and the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns. To get there, you are able to change your strategy, whether it is in relation to the relationship you have with your clients, your suppliers and your employees or on the question of the relevance of a market. You want to share positive values, in particular sharing within your company for the well-being of your employees. With the help of your small team of loyalists that you push to key positions, you are able to move your company forward and deliver innovative products and offers. You keep your cool in stressful situations as much as the Young Mother of Dragons when encounters with the wealthy merchants of Quarth or when the Dothraki Khals warriors threaten her life. In times of high competitiveness, you can nonetheless become fierce seeking to beat your competitors as quickly as possible, by studying their strengths and weaknesses carefully. Thanks to all of this, you have succeeded in building a veritable empire which you are striving to preserve and develop. Your strengths are celebrated and jealous of like the dragons Daenerys possesses.

Claire Underwood, discreet, but inflexible

Under a discreet nature, you are an inflexible person whose one and only ambition to promote your company and raise it as quickly as possible to the top. You are similar to Claire Underwood, character played by Robin Wright in the political series, House of Cards. You have a great network to achieve your goals and don’t let your emotions dictate your actions. Like this woman of power, you silently watch and play your cards when the market is booming and about to pay off big. In order for your business to survive vagaries and hardships, you are able to make significant sacrifices like Madame Underwood when she separates from part of the team she leads in her Clean Water think tank. You attach great importance to partnership, having a close relationship with your close associates and collaborators. This is done in all frankness and honesty. In the event of attacks by your competitors, threatening the development of your business, you are able to retaliate with brutal force and limitless determination. But you stay relatively calm by craftily and in the shadows, the perfect answers to provide. Adversity does not scare you, you are able to thwart the traps that are attempted to destabilize you. Each challenge and each step within your company stimulates you and provokes you with a dose of adrenaline like Claire, who step by step takes power, becoming United States Ambassador to the UN, vice -President then President of one of the greatest nations in the world.

Of course, our choice is selective and we let you complete according to your enthusiasm …

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