which format to choose for your strategy

which format to choose for your strategy

the branded content is about generating content that manages to unite the brand and the audience. The main objective is for this audience to obtain values, ways of thinking and ideas with which they can feel identified. This allows the public to trust your products and services and to become consumers. When designing a strategy, the type of strategy should be very well chosen. branded content that will be used, because depending on the type of business and the type of audience, one or the other will be better.

Benefits of branded content

In any digital marketing strategy, branded content has many advantages for a brand:

  • It is not invasive. One of the main issues that digital advertising has faced is that it was too invasive for users, which generated great rejection from them. However, the goal of branded content is for audiences to reach for it out of self-interest.

  • Generate greater engagement. If the audience approaches the content out of interest and naturally, more reactions or responses are obtained from them.

  • Increase the number of leads. When you do a good content campaign, you increase web traffic and therefore the number of leads.

  • Improve brand recognition. By conveying values, knowledge, thoughts and ideas, you can reach out to users and make them remember the brand for this type of content.

  • Generates an emotional bond between the brand and the user. When you are able to create a story that moves audiences, they will remember it more easily and connect with the brand a lot more.

  • It has great viral potential. When the content is really good and attractive, the users tend to share it, which is why the well-known “snowball” effect is generated and a large number of users arrive.

Because of all the benefits of branded content for a brand, all businesses are currently considering including it in their digital marketing strategies. However, depending on the type of audience it is aimed at, the type of format to use should be taken into account.

Branded content tips

There are different types of branded content and, as we said, depending on the audience that content is aimed at, one format and another should be chosen to make the campaign more effective.


Editorial content is all that is read. This content would include both printed materials, such as books and magazines or even digital newspapers, such as e-books and blog entries.

It is a format widely used by most companies because it is easy to produce and accessible to a large part of the public.


Anything you think you see is included in the audiovisual content. We would talk so much about material intended to be shown in cinemas, whatever its length, or on television. In the world of television, there are many types of content, since a documentary, series, program, or any other type of live would be considered branded content.


One of the formats that has gained popularity in recent years is audio, which is made to be heard. Any such material transmitted to the radio, podcast, songs and albums or voice assistants would be considered branded audio content.

If the consumption of this type of content has increased, it is because of its practicality and comfort, since it allows you to perform another action at the same time, which the visual does not allow.


Another type of branded content that has gained popularity is experience, which is thought to live it and feel it. They can be both physical experiences, such as performances, games or festivals, up to virtual experiences.

This type of content is used when the brand wants an emotional connection to be established between it and the user.

Interactive digital

Finally, another type of content that is also very popular is interactive digital content, which has gained particular importance in recent years. This type of content is intended for create interaction.

Social media, video games, and mobile apps would come into this format, along with websites and all devices that call to action.

In each of the formats that we have listed, there are several communication channels and depending on which one is used, one type of audience or another will be reached. By this we mean that it is as important to choose the format as the channel within it to reach the audience likely to be interested in the brand.

Branded content editorial

Branded editorial content or content created to be read has three communication channels: books, print and magazines and, finally, ebooks.


Books are a widely used resource for distribute educational content. The CEOs of some companies, for example, have published books in which they explain their methodologies, their experiences throughout their careers, cases of success and failure …

Press and magazines

Articles that will be published in the press or magazines are often used to show the most intimate part of a business or the actions that have been taken to arrive at a success story. Unlike a book, the article or report is shorter and usually focuses on a much more specific situation. That is to say, it is not educational but rather informative.


Lots of ebooks are often used as lead magnet. In other words, it is free content offered in exchange for personal data, usually an email. In an ebook, a topic is usually developed that catches the attention of the audience.

Branded audiovisual content

Audiovisual branded content is that created to be seen. Four types can be distinguished: film, documentary, television program and streaming.


Traditional advertisements have lost their speed, so through short films and feature films the message arrives in a much less invasive way to the public. Additionally, you can tell a story that conveys values, ideas, or feelings that the audience can reflect on and empathize with.

Documentary film

The documentary has a informative objective and it helps explain any business related topic that may be of interest. How the brand was born, the process of manufacturing a product, how the company succeeded …

TV show

A television show has an informative and informative objective, even educational according to this. Usually the programs are sponsored by a brand and its values ​​are conveyed through them.


When a brand puts on a live show, what they want is connect with the public. Live broadcasts can have several objectives: to resolve doubts, to teach current events, to offer valuable content …

Sonoro brand content

Audio branded content has grown in popularity over the past few years because it can be consumed anytime, even when another task is in progress. In this format we have radio programs, podcasts and voice assistants.

Radio programs

Radio programs offer many possibilities to a business, because there are radio programs interviews, informative, informative… Thus, each brand can find one that can convey its message to its audience.


The podcasts are one of the most versatile ways today transmit a brand message via delayed audios. The company has the possibility of creating its own content at a low production cost and with a large distribution capacity.

Voice assistants

Voice assistants are used to resolve doubts that customers may have about a company product or service.

Branded content experience

In experiential branded content, which is that designed to be lived and felt, we have three types of format: shows and festivals, conferences and conferences, and finally, virtual events.

Shows and festivals

Any show or festival organized or sponsored by a brand will add value. If we say that, it is because you will directly support a cultural, scientific, solidarity event … An action generally very well received by the public.

Conferences and conferences

Discussions and conferences are a means of give information on a subject that interests the public. It is also a way of getting closer to the public, since they are done live.

Virtual events

Virtual events, unlike the previous two, make it possible to reach a large number of audiences, regardless of where each user is located, and have a informative and informative objective.

Brand content interactivo

Finally, in interactive content we have two formats, video games and applications.

Video games

Video games are a format that currently reaches different types of audiences. Brands can create video games for try to connect in a much more immersive way with the audience.


Mobile apps are one way connect the brand to the public much faster. Through them, you can receive feedback and data that can be used to improve yourself. You can even create a direct messaging communication channel with the customer via push notifications.

Now that you know the importance of branded content and the different formats that exist, all you have to do is choose the one that works best for you and your audience.

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