Where to publish podcasts?  Here are 9 free platforms

Where to publish podcasts? Here are 9 free platforms

This is one of the typical questions of those who have started a channel and wants to be known: where to publish a podcast? The answer is not obvious because those who have been doing web marketing for a while know that in the past it was not easy to publish these resources.

Where to publish your podcast channel?

I know it well: it has been used Feedburner to create a sort of rss feed to post on a blog then this format has been distributed on various audio file distributors.

Which at the time were very simple, primordial. Today everything is different. Where is it publish a podcast professional and make your channel stand out? Here is a list of services that can help you market your voice and audio content.


Here’s where to download a free podcast and maybe, if you want to take a step forward, go for a professional, paid service. Spreaker allows you to tariff podcasting and monetize audio content, but you can leverage this platform to fuel the Mark.

With Spreaker, you create your audio file and download it. You can do this online or from the desktop program on your computer, just like yours new episode the podcast is available online.

You have a page with all the posts and a reader that you can share on social media or embed in posts.

When choosing where to download podcasts, you can point to Spreaker because it is an excellent platform to distribute audio files on Spotify, Alexa, Deezer, iTunes. You have the app for edit podcasts, solutions for businesses, an advertising program to make money with podcasts. In short, here’s where to post free podcasts.

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Archive.org is a project designed to create the largest collection of content in public domain from the web. It is not an advanced podcast publishing service, there is no distribution, and you cannot rely on great services like those from Spreaker.

But you have a number of basic services that can make life easier for those who are just looking for a digital place to post podcasts and start a business. essential channel.


Another platform for host audio files. Podbean is presented as a service to create, distribute, promote and monetize your work of content creator.

Start your podcast with a professional channel.

Where to download free podcast and maybe take the leap to become a professional? Here come Podbean find everything you need.

  • Podcast programming.
  • Social distribution.
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Amazon Alexa integration.
  • Integrated for web pages.
  • Free and enterprise version.

The free hosting version is limited, you can use this service to activate a professional channel also because you join the podcasting service – with distribution on Spotify, Alexa, Google, Apple Music and more – with a range of advanced marketing services. Like the ability to do live streaming and internet radio.


Known as a service for download music tracks, Soundcloud is ideal for creating a podcast and launching a profile dedicated to online promotion on audio files. The reasons that should push you to publish your voice on this platform?

First of all, you have both the paid version, with great possibilities available, and the free version with free podcast hosting and music files. Then you optimize the track using the title, description and the best image to add community.

And this is the true value of Soundcloud: you can bet on a international profile, on an advanced distribution intended for a large audience. If you are recording podcasts in English, to achieve a target wide, is the best solution.


One of the best known realities for those who decide to participate as an audio content producer. Where to download podcasts? Spotify is a decisive choice because it represents one of the common realities to listen to voice files. How to add a podcast on Spotify? You must subscribe to the service from this link (podcasters.spotify.com) e

  • Paste it connect the rss feed linked to your podcast.
  • Add information such as category, language, and country.
  • Go over the details and submit them to achieve your goal.

Spotify is a distribution-only platform. If you need to create your own file, you can use Soundtrap. Record your voice here and edit the podcast from anywhere with a tools collection for podcaster always online. And for fast audio editing.


Another great platform for host podcast files and distribute your audio works: www.buzzsprout.com. It’s a solution to create and promote content, distribute it on the major listening platforms, but above all it is a podcast hosting service also designed to track the numbers you make.

where to post podcasts
This is what Buzzsprout looks like.

Then, the distribution has an edge since it allows you to be automatically on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Alexa, Overcast and more. A detail that makes the difference compared to other free services?

Of course, the filter for improve voice. Upload your audio and apply a solution to improve your recording in just a few steps. Without file editing.


Where to publish a free podcast? Anchor is the solution that many enthusiasts use to start their adventure. In fact, Anchor is a free podcast download platform that allows you to create and distribute audio content, and is especially popular with beginners because it simplifies each step.

Here’s how this podcast platform works.

you can use iOS app and Android – or the web app – to package the file and edit the podcast before distributing it on the platforms. Accommodation is free.

Anchor allows you to manage episodes, with the management of the rss feed putting them episodes on Spotify, Overcast and other platforms for listening or downloading files.

Apple Podcast

Many services allow you to create and distribute files on this platform. But if you ask me where to download podcasts, I answer like this: start with Apple. Indeed on podcasters.apple.com you can reach a large audience.

Apple Podcast
Apple podcast statistics.

Create an episode, upload it to the distribution platform and add all you need to make your content attractive. What can you do on Apple Podcast?

  • Allow the audience to follow your show.
  • Create one or more podcast channels.
  • Monitor the data for each episode.
  • Find out where the sound jumps or goes.
  • Get and follow the reviews.

Statistics allow you to see every evolution of your podcast channel under control. One of the reasons to be featured on Apple Podcaster: You have a large collection of tools to market and advertise the podcast.


Google Podcast Manager (also known as GPM) is a Mountain View platform that podcasters can add episode files on Google by claiming yours RSS feed which represents a program with the various publications in the serp and on the Google Assistant, on the application and other platforms.

In addition, on the Google Podcast Manager you can find information about impressions and clicks of the results displayed in the billhook Of research. Do you want to know more?

What exactly is this tool for

First to manage the presence of your podcast about the different realities that are part of Mountain View such as search and the Google Podcast platform itself.

Here you can add podcast channel rss feed to insert new schedule and manage episodes. You can also see some fundamental data like number of plays per program, episode statistics, number of plays and more.

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How Google Podcast Manager works

You can first access the platform at the official address podcastsmanager.google.com. Here you have the possibility to register for free and you can do it in the simplest and most direct way possible: by adding your own Podcast.

How to insert the podcast rss feed

You must first find the rss feed of your podcast and copy it. Then you copy it and insert it in the field of the assistant offered by Google.

The good thing: every feed is a timeline and if you’ve already saved one for add another stream just click add program.

How to insert the podcast rss feed
How to insert the rss feed of the podcast, the procedure.

As of the time you checked the rss feed on Google Podcast Manager, you are the owner of this program, you can delete it and you can post new feeds or delete them. However, if you want to add episodes, you can’t avoid changing the stream.

What statistics can you consult?

Thanks to the innovations introduced, on Google Podcast Manager you can have detailed data about your business. This is an important point to publish a successful podcast as you will be able to discover the tastes of the users.

What statistics can you consult?
Analysis of Google podcasts.

The most important data is, of course, the number of listeners per episode who made one. significant reproduction. In other words, listen to an episode (or a segment) at least once for more than five seconds in a single day.

This data can also be collected for total games and playing time, plays for i First 30 days, average playing time.

Do you want more information about your podcasts? You can know the device used for listen to work: tablet, computer, smartphone or voice assistant.

podcast statistics on Google Podcast Manager
Listening to your podcast data.

This tool helps you understand how and where people listen to your podcast, when they stop and how long they listen, minutes invested about your work. You can export the data and study it carefully to create your own quality content.

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