Where to advertise on social networks?

Where to advertise on social networks?

Fsocial media advertising area is attractive but you do not know how to choose the network that will have the most impact on your business and reach your target?

On social networks you can spread your image and promote your products and services as we talk about very often on this blog. But that’s not all ! Make paid social media advertising will support you in the development of your turnover.

The social networks provide advertisers with an enormous amount of data and possibilities to reach your future customers with extremely fine precision.

However, if your budget is limited, you will have to choose where to allocate your budget in a thoughtful way for the best return on investment. And that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

Benefits of social media advertising

You may already know this but every social network offers to advertisers her own advertising management adapted to its value proposition and mode of use. Each agency allows the advertiser to segment your targets, configuration tools and a dashboard.

To launch your social media advertising campaigns, you have to work first on your strategy and clearly define your goals and budget. This done, you will have to choose on which social network you will launch your sponsored ads. If you have a slightly larger budget, nothing prevents you from advertising on several social networks. But be careful, for this, you will need to judiciously decline your advertising campaigns taking into account the specificities of each of the social networks and the target you will want to address.

Why choose advertising on Facebook and Instagram

You might as well say it right away, you will find on Facebook the largest community of people in the world and the ability to access the most effective targeting tool. In addition, the Facebook and Instagram advertising network is the same, you can therefore choose to broadcast your ads on one and / or the other of the two social networks through the same platform. Moreover, we advise you to read this article to know all the benefits of advertising on Facebook in 2021.

Ads on Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful today

Car Facebook, it is THE platform to reach the general public ! With over 2.8 billion monthly active users at the end of 2020, and 1.85 billion daily active users in the worldwide (Sources: Journal du Net

), Facebook is still the social network you’ll find the most people on.

In addition, on the advertising network for advertisers, you will find a wide choice of advertising formats. This will allow you to try and find the ad format (s) that work best for you.

Depending on the objective chosen, you can generate traffic on your website, promote your activity (business or store) in a limited geographical area. By the way, for even more webmarketing and social media tips, come follow our Facebook page !

The choice of advertisements available on Facebook

Sure Facebook, you will have two main possibilities for advertise :

You will understand, for us at Social Media For You, Facebook’s advertising network is the best that exists at the moment and allows you to create extremely effective advertisements, but be careful, provided you have a Facebook post strategy and configure your ads properly!

Why choose Twitter ads

With 353 million monthly active users on Twitter (Source: study by We are social and Hootsuite), more than 140 million tweets per day, including 20% ​​of these mentioning products or brands, Twitter is the social network of immediacy and interactions with consumers. And if you’re just starting out on Twitter, here’s the Twitter vocabulary lexicon to better understand what will follow.

In the most active countries in January 2021 on this social network, we find France in sixth position after the United States, Japan, India, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

advertise on twitter
Here is a sponsored ad in the Twitter news feed

Twitter it is above all an opportunity for companies to create a marketing strategy in real time. On the advertising network of Twitter, you will find sponsorship offers adapted to the social network.

You will be able to target Internet users by:

  • hobbies,
  • by location,
  • by gender,
  • or target twittos (Twitter users) similar to followers of a certain account,

You will choose your main objective:

  • either recruiting followers,
  • either more visibility of your tweets (publications),
  • evening the increase in traffic.

To summarize, we will find on Twitter the advantage of having access to a huge community (many people in the C ++ professional social category, many people working in techs, journalists, people, etc.) and highly qualified targeting. Besides, on you want acquire followers with non-paid techniques on Twitter, I advise you to read this article.

Advertising on various social networks can be done internally, however when you start having to manage a certain budget, you can hire an agency for your social media buying campaign.

Hep, by the way, we have over 22,000 followers on Twitter, follow our account, we share the best tips on webmarketing and social networks !

The first step to advertising on Twitter, it is obviously to create a Twitter account and go to the tab reserved for advertisers, the Twitter Ads.

There are three advertising possibilities on this platform to promote your activity:

  • Create a sponsored account: this will allow to recruit a qualified community on your Twitter account. You will find yourself in the “Suggestions” and “Who to follow” tabs.
  • Disseminate sponsored tweets : to have good visibility in the news feed. The goal is to reach out to a larger audience than its own audience.
  • Create a sponsored trend: that’s okay generate engagement and an attractive conversion rate. This format is often found to promote television shows.

Why choose advertising on LinkedIn

With 21 million members including 10.7 million monthly active members and 840,000 companies in France (Source: Digimind), LinkedIn is THE essential platform for all professionals!

advertise on linkedin
Here is a sponsored post on the LinkedIn news feed

With 21 million members including 10.7 million monthly active members and 840,000 companies in France (Source: Digimind), LinkedIn is THE essential platform for all professionals!

Advertising management, LinkedIn Ads allows you to choose different formats of advertising (image, text, video). So if you decide to use this social network for your digital web marketing strategy, you will be able to reach audiences managers, executives or even a specific profession, region, etc.

To sum up, on LinkedIn you will find all the professionals provided you have a substantial budget to devote to them.

The different advertising possibilities on LinkedIn

Therefore on LinkedIn, you can advertise on the Linkedin Ads network. You will first need to create your advertising account on the ” Campaign director »And connect your company page (of which you must be an administrator).

Then choose the advertising format wish. Here are the available choices:

  • Sponsored updates : This ad will appear in the Linkedin news feed of Internet users (even if they do not follow your page). This format is very efficient but quite expensive.
  • Text ads : you will be able to make advertisements composed of texts. With this format, it is surgical targeting and wide distribution guaranteed!
  • sponsored inMail : these advertisements will be sent to your target in private messages.

In order not to make mistakes on LinkedIn, and to publish visuals with a perfect format, here is the LinkedIn visual format guide, you will surely need it to create your ads on LinkedIn.

Moreover, we are also present on LinkedIn (and it is even our favorite social network, come follow our LinkedIn page !

When you have chosen the best advertising format for you, you will need to choose the targeting you want. LinkedIn allows you to target very precisely who you want to reach.

In summary, LinkedIn has an extremely effective platform unless you have a very well-built strategy, know who you want to reach specifically and also have a large budget for it.

So we saw the advertising platforms of the three major social networks today, Facebook (and Instagram), Twitter and LinkedIn.

I hope you will get started with advertising on social networks, but be careful, first define a solid social media strategy that integrates good community management and a part of social ads for ever more efficiency. And then always keep an eye on theanalysis of the performance of your advertising campaigns (KPIs or key performance indicators) which will allow you to track your results on social networks whether paid or organic and to have good returns on investment.

So tell me have you ever done any social media ads or are you going to be doing some in the near future?

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