WhatsApp adds new stickers for Mother’s Day

WhatsApp adds new stickers for Mother’s Day

This article is not just a preview of WhatsApp’s latest Mother’s Day sticker pack, which provides a way to help celebrate the occasion in the the most used messaging app in the world.

This is of course the main goal of this update, to let you know about the latest WhatsApp sticker update.

But this article also recalls that this sunday is mother’s day.

Go buy your mom a present, call her. Make sure you don’t forget to contact the person who gave you life.

And yes, if your mom is on WhatsApp then you can use these stickers while no doubt Messenger will be looking to add similar stuff as well.

But the main thing is to remember to contact your mom if you can. She’ll appreciate it no matter what you do.

You can access the new Mother’s Day stickers on WhatsApp here.

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