What you learn in your first job (and don’t realize it)

What you learn in your first job (and don’t realize it)

There is a lot that you learn and you are not fully aware of it. Especially in the first job, the jump is the most important.

I clearly remember the answers my older brother gave me when I asked him about computers. “Do I sound like a talkative encyclopedia?” Okay, honestly, this is a rough translation into Spanish of what he was saying to me in German but more or less the meaning and the message got it. I couldn’t understand that he was sending me to read books when he already knew more about computers and could just train me directly.

By now I figured it out, but about that more at the end of the post. This anecdote helps me explain my main point at the end of this article about the most important things you learn in your first job.

I would differentiate the areas of learning by two large blocks: “communicate” and “get the hang of it”.


People today no longer know how to communicate well. Especially the generation that learned to do slip on a cell phone before you say “Mum” or “Dad,” you need to learn these basics in your first job.

  • Manage conflicts: When you’re used to breaking up with your partner on WhatsApp, it can be brutal having to face people face to face. Having to react live to emotions and not having time to think about which emoticon to put on can be too intense at first for some.
  • Write an e-mail: One thing that caught my attention is that a lot of college students don’t know how to terminate an email. They do not put a final greeting or their name. This is something that caught my attention. This post I wrote years ago
    on the subject would already be an advanced course for some.
  • Talk on the phone– Another form of communication overlooked and underestimated by many. Especially in a business context, it is important to send a clear message to suppliers, customers or colleagues.
  • Prepare a presentation: ordering your thoughts and putting them in a presentation is not a knowledge we come into the world with. In my case, I had to prepare more than one investor presentation where I learned a lot about the subject.

To put the batteries

This area is perhaps one of the most important. The WhatsApp and Telegram generation is used to parents to solve all the problems they face in life. In the first job, things change.

  • Self trainingMany are starting to nostalgically remember the days of college when there was a professor who explained everything they needed to know to pass the exam. Today no one has time to do it. The one who forms is the one who survives. A business does not pay you to train you, but to solve its problems.
  • Work under pressure: when everything is finally in your charge, the stress level can increase because the dog is no longer there to eat the homework. The good thing is that you are growing with each task. What seemed big to you at the beginning today will seem small to you.
  • Find creative solutions: The solutions you find may or may not be creative. Ultimately, the important thing is that you find a way to tackle the challenges you face. Google doesn’t have all the answers and sometimes you have to try completely new paths.
  • Personal organization: the task that I am able to accomplish today is incredible compared to my version of 20 years old. With more tasks and responsibilities, you learn to organize yourself to be more productive. It’s always good to adapt third-party advice, but it needs to work for you and suit your personal situation.

I come back to the anecdote at the beginning of the post concerning my brother. One of the most valuable lessons he taught me is that what matters is learning how to move forward without having to rely on anyone. When I was little, it was a good excuse. I no longer learned computers because my brother did not take the time to train me. Learn to learn And solving any challenge you face is the most valuable learning from your first job that will serve you all your life. Don’t underestimate this lesson.

Stay tuned.


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