what you do and what skills you need to have

what you do and what skills you need to have

If your goal is to sell more, having the best product may not be enough. No, you didn’t read it wrong! The market we face today is very competitive and therefore other aspects are just as relevant as the quality of the article offered, such as content creation and customer experience, for example.

However, many companies are investing more every day in strategies Sales activation and by hiring a Sales Enablement Manager to lead and develop these actions.

The main function of this professional is to help the sales force not only to sell more, but also to sell with more quality, making the most of Content Marketing.

Do you think it’s time to hire an expert to increase conversion within your team? Read on and learn more about this role, the benefits it can bring to your business and the skills expected of this professional. Here we will cover:

What does a Sales Enablement Manager do?

Sales Enablement is the process of providing salespeople with all the information they need to make their jobs more efficient. That said, the Sales Enablement Manager is the person who makes this possible.

Interestingly, the work focuses on consumers rather than sales. What do you need ? What content are they most likely to interact with? With these answers on the table, the Sales Enablement Manager can develop a killer strategy that combines communication and sales efforts.

Other responsibilities of the role include:

  • work as a link between the marketing and sales teams;
  • train salespeople on the product;
  • teach the best sales techniques to qualify the team;
  • identify the best content formats and channels for the audience;
  • manage different campaigns simultaneously;
  • define ways to measure sales activation (set goals and calculate ROI);
  • train the team in the use of possible tools that can escalate the work;
  • structure the feedback from the workflow of the sales representatives to the communication team (and vice versa).

Why is this role so important?

In a very competitive market, every day more and more companies are developing different and innovative strategies to attract customers and hold their attention. And your business cannot be left behind!

Thanks to a Sales Enablement Manager, you will not only adapt to the current environment, but you will also obtain multiple competitive advantages, such as:

You will evolve your business

Running out of ideas to increase your income? Sometimes you and your sales reps run out of options and it takes some investment to finally scale the business.

By leading and training the sales force team, as well as by managing any Support tools for sale, This professional can coordinate the work to make the team more productive and therefore increase sales.

You will deal with more qualified prospects

As we will see later, a Sales Enablement Manager functions as a bridge between marketing and sales. That said, they have the knowledge to position the best content on the right channel and direct it to the right audience.

All of these efforts help to get more qualified leads, which increases the chances of conversion, since the sales team steps in when the potential consumer is educated enough to close the deal. This saves precious hours of work and money.

You will increase conversion rates

Another indication that it’s time to hire a Sales Enablement Manager is if your business is dealing with a high number of canceled orders (or a high cart abandonment rate if you have an ecommerce store).

This is especially the case when prospects are offered a purchase option before they are properly fed. Since the Sales Enablement Manager has a strategic understanding of the content, it is easier to avoid such mistakes.

What skills should a Sales Enablement Manager have?

An excellent Sales Enablement Manager is someone with a variety of experience, as is the job title. Ideally, this professional should have a great deal of knowledge of both sales and marketing, as well as at least some knowledge of location and product development.

communication skills

In addition to having experience in the marketing industry, a Sales Enablement Manager must be an innate communicator. This role involves not only communicating with consumers, but also with various stakeholders within the organization, from CEOs to sales representatives, for example.

It goes without saying: a good communicator is also a good listener. This professional must be able to give and receive feedback, as well as have the ability to work in a team since this person generally leads and supports the sales force and its collaborators.

Understanding the content

This is where a background in marketing and strategy can certainly make a difference. The role requires participation in all stages of the sale, which means following customer journey from lead generation to brand loyalty.

This professional is also essential in making the content more acceptable to prospects and potential customers. This means that they know how to take advantage of the content produced, what to highlight in each of them and in what formats they should be presented.

Time management

Yes, time is money! Especially when trying to sell a product, which cannot be offered in the early stages of funnel – In addition to developing a business. It takes a certain level of project management mindset, as well as the ability to deal with them simultaneously.

This professional must know how to prioritize tasks and campaigns and delegate if necessary. Being familiar with different technologies is also something that this coworker should take into account, as sales support tools can be very helpful in managing time, increasing productivity and expanding business. business.

A large volume of content from different brands on different platforms makes it increasingly difficult to hold the attention of consumers. However, it becomes easier when the marketing and sales teams work together.

In this way, having a Sales Enablement Manager on your team is a way to create, use and distribute content more productively as a strategy to close more deals and increase conversion rates.

Do you want to learn other ways to increase your sales? Learn how to do success stories or case studies! These contents are ideal for closing your business opportunities.

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