what trends in 2021?

what trends in 2021?

Guest article written by Beatrix Benoist d’Anthenay

Funny year 2020! In search of escape, comfort and connection, Internet users and the public have been particularly sensitive to content centered around benevolence, of trust, of the’commitment andaccompaniment. Let’s see what we have in store 2021 in content marketing.

What is content marketing?

This Marketing strategy is based on the creation and dissemination of high added value content, useful information that allows you to communicate with an audience and develop its visibility! Content marketing, or content marketing, attracts visitors on a website for transformer as consumers through an editorial strategy, storytelling, a targeted message, etc.

When traditional advertising can be too intrusive, content marketing aims to be an alternative solution : it is the creation of relevant content that catches the eye of visitors, Internet users, prospects and allows it to gain visibility with its audience, on search engines and on social networks.

This strategy is measured over the long term, the content is an interesting lever to educate the audience, provide expertise, answer questions from potential customers, or simply to entertain Internet users. Content marketing can be a great lever to gain visibility, attract new customers or build loyalty!

And content has perhaps never been so central to communication as it is now! Teleworking, confinement and isolation have given a very special place to digital communication. Communication goes viral!

We write above all for our audience

The content for the content is not of much interest! Each publication is part of a strategy and brings something to Internet users and therefore to your audience. Focusing on your audience is a great way to hit the nail on the head!

Personalization of content

This 2021 trend is not new but reinforced by the current Covid-19 crisis. It would appear that during the pandemic, more than one in two consumers said that at least one brand had been able to adapt quickly to its needs, which ended in a purchase for a product or service of the aforementioned. Mark. Adaptation is therefore essential in everyone’s eyes..

Personalized content will be a major issue for 2021! Producing tailor-made content cannot be improvised and requires a fairly detailed knowledge and a solid analysis of its audience: what are its needs? What published content does she share? What is the conversion rate? … Relying on your customers’ data will allow you to offer them tailor-made content, for their greatest pleasure! Personalized content generates more interest and creates more engagement! Everyone wins !

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Personal branding

In 2021, bet on people rather than entities! It’s always easier to get attached to a real person with their own personality rather than a virtual entity. People who belong to the company can speak up to embody the brand, interviews and conversational content can be put forward.

User Generated Content (UGC) is making a comeback! An audience prefers content generated by other users rather than a simple traditional advertisement. Share the content published by your customers, encourage them! Develop an influencer strategy!

Be a source of inspiration for your audience, if your brand shares common values ​​with your audience, you will reach out to internet users who could become real ambassadors!

The importance of bringing emotions to life

Offer emotions to your audience! Do not be afraid of storytelling and trigger joy, sadness, laughter, surprise through your content! Communicate authentically ! We are constantly exposed to a flow of information, to work on attention and memorization of the content, transmit emotion to your audience, the emotions felt impact the way we memorize information!

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We focus on the quality of the content

Quality over quantity

In 2021 we are focusing on the quality of the content. You don’t post an article just to furnish, the content should always add value. Ditto for the design, we prefer it clean and sober. And to please Google’s new SEO criteria more, we think expertise, authority and reliability. Slow Content is king in 2021, we take the time to think about the tone, the subjects we want to address so as not to miss our target. The publications of experts, educational, guides are often very useful for your audience. To be sure not to publish popular content, you put yourself in the place of your target: how to entertain them? What to teach him? What emotions make him feel?

Varied and spontaneous content

The originality of the content is an important criterion for your audience ! In addition to offering qualitative content, you must focus on variety ! Submit blog articles, posts, white papers, newsletters, videos, images, podcasts, training, think broad! No one likes to be bored, grab the user’s attention!

Offer quality content in line with your target, knowing them well helps choose the type of content to strive for! Dare to take a stand, you will assert your values ​​and your vision! Do not speak up to restore your image but speak up to defend a cause, share a vision. It’s up to you to find what makes sense to surprise your audience!

Be transparent and honest in your content, your audience will appreciate! A word of advice: the figures prove that the French are sensitive to ecology and the challenges of sustainable development, it’s up to you to integrate this dimension and bet on green content marketing!

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The return of the written word

2021 could mark the return of the power of words! Eye-catching visuals and eye-catching graphics give way to striking texts, engaging texts and the quality of writing are to be highlighted! Newsletters, LinkedIn posts, articles are all interesting ways to reach your target audience! Words serve your content marketing strategy! Start debates, take a stand, play with words!

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New spaces of expression

In addition to the written word, other avenues are to be explored in 2021. Certain means of communication are particularly in vogue. The videos are particularly popular and YouTube is a real search engine, don’t be afraid to test the video format if it suits your audience!

The place ofaudio also explodes! Podcasts are popular! Easy to access, they lend themselves well to our multitasking lifestyles, we can listen to a podcast on our daily journey, while preparing a meal, when reading our emails, … Take advantage of this format to share a passion or find an exciting topic In connection with your sector of activity, there is no need to focus the podcast on your brand, we think above all of what could interest its audience!

The period is also at the pedagogy : Masterclasses and online training are on the rise! Why not try to train your audience to better use your services through fun and explanatory tutorials?

The growing role of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence tends to gain momentum in 2021. It does not replace humans of course but assists them with certain tasks such as the preparation of newsletters or advertisements for example.

Google’s algorithm is able to interpret the search intentions of Internet users to offer ever more relevant results, a great avenue to explore in the content marketing strategy to offer more targeted content more suited to its audience.. Do not be afraid to use robotic algorithms to capture trending topics, obtain quantified data to better understand your target and offer them content in line with their expectations!

To succeed in your content marketing strategy in 2021, put people at the heart of your communication! Never lose sight of the information needs of your audience! Offer engaged, honest and authentic content, dare to be daring!

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