what it is and what are the benefits for your brand

what it is and what are the benefits for your brand

If you are starting to build your brand, you will be interested in knowing what community marketing is and how to make the most of it. It’s not just about finding customers to make a purchase; it’s about build a strong relationship with them.

There are various marketing methods and each of them has a specific goal. It is important to know them in order to apply them in your strategy according to the needs of your company. It’s about knowing what you’re interested in getting, one community in this particular case.

Without a doubt, everything you can do through these practices is interesting, but basic knowledge is required. Ideally, you should know what community marketing is and the benefits it will bring to your brand.

What is community marketing?

What is community marketing?

You may have heard of the concept of community marketing a few times, but you still don’t know what it is. It’s a brand growth strategy, focused on meeting customers on a certain topic. Keep in mind that the theme needs to be aligned or related to the brand in an interesting way.

To understand it better you need to know the meaning of brand community. It is a group of users, consumers or potential customers of a particular brand. Which are not only related to each other but they are linked to the corporate culture and its values.

Nowadays it is much easier to work with community marketing thanks to new technologies. People have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the brand and train online community, which helps formalize their commitment.

You have to be aware that authenticity is required to gain participation and improve engagement. Otherwise, the public will not feel identified with the brand and, therefore, will not create loyalty.

Benefits of community marketing

Benefits of community marketing
Now that you have more knowledge about what community marketing is, you can start considering your strategies. But not without first knowing what those positives are for your brand if you work the right way:

1.- Strengthen the sense of belonging

Do you want customers who are really committed to your brand? So you have to be able to generate a feeling of belonging. This goes beyond a one-time purchase. The goal is for the community to feel identified.

Community marketing gives you the ability to reinforce this feature by interacting with people with similar tastes, doubts and interests. In this way common feelings and sensations are promoted which help form that feeling of belonging.

2.- Increase customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty
If you can generate a sense of belonging to your community, it will be much easier for you to keep customers effectively. And this is possible if you work with strategies of emotional marketing, as the most prestigious brands do.

Keep in mind that success doesn’t depend on the industry you develop in or what you offer, but on emotional connections. They are the foundation of your community and you will be able to observe how unique customers become regular buyers. And that’s what you want, loyal members of your brand community.

3.- Reduce advertising costs

Other advantages offered by this marketing model are the significant cost reduction in conventional advertising. It is about a simple and effective marketing channel, which does not depend on conventional social network algorithms.

Therefore, it is the ideal space to showcase any products or services you offer wherever your community is. So this is not only the best place to advertise, but to reach your target audience as well.

4.- Useful for understanding your customers

Useful for understanding your customers
One of the keys to having a community committed to your brand is know the needs and preferences of your customers. This is the only way to improve the consumer experience. Ideally, you should be able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Through the online brand community you can find out what motivates your customers, what they love and what they don’t like. How can you get this information? Simple: through product reviews, moduli of comment and engagement on social networks.

Remember that your community members are the ones who invest time and money in your brand. Therefore, they are the ones to get this feedback from, which will help you understand what your customers really appreciate.

5.- Identify ideas or improvements for your product / service

Many times brands consider their products or services to be perfect, but it’s also common for consumers not to think the same way. Having a committed community, you can get ideas or improvements from them to implement in your product / service. Most amazing of all is that it will help you optimize your results.

Community marketing not only helps you reach authentic and loyal communities, it also helps you identify areas for improvement to grow as a brand. It is a way to know firsthand the opinion of users about what you offer.

6.- Added value for your consumers

Added value for your consumers
Remember that not all consumers who reach your online community are still customers. For this reason, it’s essential that before they make a purchase, you show them the value your brand can provide. This will help you grab their attention and possibly lead to a conversion.

This is where you should use value-added marketing strategies. Through them you can create value, both for your community and for those consumers who are not yet your customers. To do this, you need to work with content that shows that you know what you’re talking about. It is vital that you give them what really interests them.

7.- Create the brand image

Brand community: the name itself indicates everything. It is about creating a group of loyal followers who will help you improve your image. This strengthens the brand and is very useful for showing the identity and values ​​of the company.

Over time this translates into a high conversion rate and benefits for your business. The importance of retaining i customers with the brand and its values ​​is what makes it possible to project an authentic and transparent image. Ultimately, this also gives you the opportunity to improve your brand reputation.

8.- A point of reference in the sector

A point of reference in the sector
Competition in digital channels continues to increase due to strong demand in various market niches. But if you have a committed brand community, you can position yourself as a benchmark in your industry and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Currently, this should be one of the main objectives of brands that develop online. If you have this differential value, it will help to consolidate you as a brand. Also, it will allow you to get satisfied customers and influence sales processes.

9.- Drive traffic to your website

Another goal that companies set themselves is to attract more traffic to their website, and with a good community marketing strategy it is possible. Keep in mind that users visit your blog and social network more often than your company’s website.

Therefore, it is necessary that you have an action plan to help your website generate traffic and thus optimize its positioning in search engines. If you don’t work with a strategy of e-commerce or something similar, they will visit your website only for a short time and to search for information.

However, this won’t be a big deal if you have a content strategy strategy within your community. There you can also attract qualified traffic to your website.

10.- Form a bond of trust

Form a bond of trust
The brand community is ideal for creating a strong bond between brand and consumer. It goes beyond the sense or the feeling of belonging: it is about being a reference with which to become familiar. This is how customers trust and loyalty to the brand are born.

And it doesn’t just help you gaining trust among your current customers, but is also able to reach potential new customers. This is crucial, as it will help you sell without just looking like a promotional message. The user will not perceive intrusive sales techniques.

Furthermore, through community marketing you have the possibility to create your own referral network. In short, your customers will become your brand ambassadors.

Now that you know what community marketing is and all the benefits it offers, it’s time to get down to business. And in Antevenio we want to help you by offering you ours Customized Community Generation service, which will allow you to know your customers and generate trust in your consumers.

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