What is the viral effect on social networks?

What is the viral effect on social networks?

Viral marketing is often genius and the right momentum.

On social media, it happens that a trivial post becomes surprisingly very popular in a short time. Without it being planned, it generates a lot of engagement, propelling your page to the ranking of the most popular pages. This article explains what the viral effect is on social media.

The viral effect: definition

It is web content that is rapidly growing thanks to the many shares. Thepicture or the video is seen by a large number of people because several Internet users have shared it in their own circle of contacts. Several Internet users who are not necessarily subscribed directly to the company page will still view the viral content because a friend of his has shared it. At this time, the content appears in their News Feed. In fact, the viral effect comes from sharing in exponential amounts and the engagement it generates (lots of comments and reactions I love).

A good example

To see more concretely what viral content looks like, take the example of the page Facebook by Maxi. On May 4, the company published the following humorous message to its subscribers. The publication was suddenly a huge success, and several Quebec companies began to comment on the publication. The content has been shared over 4,000 times and received almost 11,000 comments.

Source: Maxi’s Facebook page

How to successfully create viral content?

It is difficult to be successful in planning content that will go viral. In fact, it’s a phenomenon that can happen on any type of content that manages to make people laugh or actually touches their interest. Here are some things that can still be taken into account to give your brand a try.

1. Arouse emotion

A content that arouses a positive emotion is more likely to be shared later. It is well known: making people laugh is very selling! Use a humorous or informative tone depending on your goal. The idea is to offer interesting content to your subscribers so that they decide to share again in their own network. The

“Meme” are little jokes that easily catch on on social media.

2. Know your audience

Knowing your audience’s interests will give you a better chance of creating content that interests them. Analyze their lifestyle, social status and activities to create humorous or satisfying content. Ask yourself the following question: what topics interest my subscribers? If your business is in the food business, play the food loving card. The message may aim to make people laugh or to make them understand an important message. Knowing what niche you are in will help you better understand what touches your followers, what makes them laugh, and what sparks their interest.

3. Choose a topical or controversial topic

Some hot topics can prompt people to give their opinion on a particular topic. However, this idea may also require moderation on the page to prevent negative comments from getting the conversation too out of hand. Finally, whether we talk about it for good or bad, virality will still do its job to propel your content to the fore.

4. Adapt the text of the publication

A catchy headline or a little laughing phrase draws the eye to your post. People will be more eager to check out the rest of the content. Use keywords that will generate interest in the information being disseminated. Adding numbers to titles is a great way to attract readers (eg 11 tips for tidying up your kitchen).

5. Make a simple post

Often, it is the publications that are the simplest that gain visibility. Write a short paragraph that is easy to read. Get straight to the point in just a few sentences. The important thing is to say the essential. The posts that get the most engagement are the ones that hook in the first second. Otherwise, you may quickly lose the attention of readers. Avoid putting too much detail.

Good reasons for viral marketing

If you are attempting to create a viral marketing campaign, several benefits can be seen for your business. This type of content improves brand awareness and visibility. Indirectly, it attracts conversions (clicks to your website, signing up fornewsletter, online or in-store purchases, etc.). Increased sales and profits can also be brought about by viral content. It is enough to determine the main objective related to the publication. You may also attract new customers who have never heard of your brand before. Viral content is a good solution to expand your market.

Watch out for the opposite effect

You still have to think about the negative turn that a publication can generate. To do this, be prepared for any eventuality with a detailed online crisis management plan. A community manager can manage comments according to an updated netiquette. This document frames what is and is not accepted on your page. Hateful or harassing comments should not be accepted. If the situation escalates, it is always possible to remove the post and write a short message of apology to people who may have felt offended. Everything is in the preparation to avoid any possible problem.


So the viral effect is difficult to plan for, but it can bring many benefits to your business. It only takes one popular piece of content to launch your brand far in the web world.

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