What is the trial period (or agreement) in the employment contract

What is the trial period (or agreement) in the employment contract

the trial period it is a time limit, agreed between the worker and the property of the company, defined by the national employment contract to be used to test mutual affinity. This path must have a well established time.

Know your rights.

During the period (or probation agreement), both parties can decide to accept or not the stipulation of a subsequent contract. In the event of hiring after this trial period, the elapsed time is counted in seniority.

What is the trial period, definition

The trial period or pact is a time intended for mutual knowledge of the conditions and skills of the functions with a view to a future acceptance and stipulation of the Employment contractor. This principle is established byArticle 2096 of the Civil Code which addresses the issue of probationary employment.

How long is the trial period

It depends on the limits imposed by the type of employment contract and by the sector. In any case, the rule is clear: the trial agreement must have a limited duration and cannot exceed the limits which can be, for example, 6 months which is the standard duration.

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Is all of this mandatory?

No, it is in no way mandatory to do a trial period before hiring or being hired. But it is clear that this condition can be defined advantageous for everyone. Both for those who have to hire and for the worker who may have more information.

Is there any remuneration for the employment contract?

Yes, any delay that is processed as part of an employer’s salary must be paid. This also for anything that is used to determine if a worker is adapted to needs of a particular job. It cannot be paid by meal vouchers or reimbursement of expenses.

Trial period
This is where your new job begins.

So, before starting such a process make sure that every point has been treated with the greatest possible attention and that the duration and the amount paid for that period have been noted on paper – on a contract. Find work online it does not mean accepting strange conditions without pay or pay.

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