What is the size of product images in Shopify?

What is the size of product images in Shopify?

Images are a very important part of your Shopify store, unlike get a sale and not get it can be on the pictures you have in your online store.

Good quality and the right size are likely to be a point of decision at the time of purchase. Or would you be buying for the first time from a website where the products looked bad or with the wrong size?

If you want to know which is the best way to choose the best format for your images for Shopify, don’t stop reading this article.

The size of product images in Shopify

For the images on your website, you need to be clear that you need to maintain equal proportionality in all parts of the web. While you can change the size between different sections, it is not the same when you are already inside the product, where the image is usually larger than when you are in a category looking for products.

While it is true that the The maximum size allowed by Shopify is 2048px x 2048px or 4.2 megapixels, does not ask for a minimum at any time, which you have to worry about so that the design of your products and your website is not affected by the quality of your photographs.

Our recommendation for the size of product images in Shopify It’s 1024px x 1024px, to keep the size square and not lose quality in them and thus be able to keep some control and order in which some products are seen more than others and in which they are cut for some reason.

Maybe for some products it is better to go for more horizontal or vertical photos. For example, for a car or clothing store you can do this, but you need to maintain the proportion in all the photos you use so that you don’t create visual error on your website.

Weight of images in Shopify

For good web usability and not to overload your Shopify store, it’s important to keep in mind that Each photo you upload should have the most optimized weight possible.

Uploading 1MB image, means every user while typing needs to download thisMB to view your website and it means loading time, if your website is full of this type of photos, it means we may lose a potential customer just because of slow loading.

The weight that images should have in Shopify is not more than 100 Kbs and not less than 50 KbsIf you have a good quality image with less, so much the better.

We wrote an article with tools and how to optimize images for Shopify or any website, so you have everything you need to properly download the images.

In conclusion, let’s say that it is very important to take care of every part of your website, but especially the visual, since many buyers decide on one or the other website. For what taking into account these optimization tips and their proportionality is essential to make the difference.

The size of the product images in Shopify is your first contact with the customer, which they see first, so having consistency across the web is crucial in order to get a sale.

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