What is social selling?

What is social selling?

Social selling on social networks increases sales.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of social media for the improvement of their visibility and their results. They are a great way to maintain interesting communication with customers. This article explains what social selling is and what best practices to use.

Definition of social selling

It is a term which means in French “the social sale”, that is to say the ability to communicate via social networks with the prospects who would be potentially interested in your products and services. Simply put, it’s the use of modern tools to build professional or sales connections. Appropriate strategies can be applied in order to build healthy relationships with others online.

Advantage 1: more accessible communication

Today, people are more open to communicating with businesses they more or less know through social media rather than over the phone or in person. Using social media is a great way to reach people almost instantly. These tools make it easier to reach prospects who may be interested in your products. It’s about choosing the most relevant networks to reach your target audience.

Benefit 2: increased sales

Communication on social networks makes it possible to generate more sales in B2C and to create significant links with potential partners or suppliers in B2B.

Benefit 3: improved recruitment

People are open to applying online when they see a job offer that interests them or someone contacts them through private messaging. It is a good way to “sell” the advantages of a vacant position to people working in the field.

How to use social selling well?

If you are interested in this technique, there are some good practices that can help you apply it well at the very beginning.

Be present

Fuel a social presence regularly by posting relevant content, meet new people to chat, add contacts, etc. Be active to create and maintain relationships with potential relationships according to the goal set. Keep your social media pages up to date so people can see you’re active and have access to the correct information.

Build meaningful relationships

Don’t hesitate to chat with people by wisely commenting on their posts. Send the person a private message explaining your career goal to see if they are interested.


On this platform, it is possible to perform several social selling efforts, such as adding contact and communicating by private messaging. The “Sales Navigator” tool gives you access to your social selling score. By logging in on your page, click at the top right on this tab. You will see the four main factors of the score:

  • build your professional brand;
  • find the right people;
  • exchange information;
  • build relationships.


On Twitter, it is possible to follow all the information that circulates about particular subjects thanks to the creation of lists. Perform business intelligence to adapt your social listening and social selling techniques. In the main menu, click on “Lists”.


Frequently post new, useful and original content to your Facebook page. Interact with people who subscribe to your page as well as with other businesses you want to link with.

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