What is search engine advertising?

What is search engine advertising?

In Internet Marketing, Search Advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on Web pages that show results from search engine queries. Search engine advertising generally follows a pay-for-placement (PFP) model. Where top bidders get top placement in a search engine’s results both on the search site & within its distribution network as long as your ads landing pages meet quality guidelines.

One can save a lot and rise to the top of the listings with a lesser bid by simply offering a more compelling ad that motivates visitors to “click” more often. Add good landing page experience helps too, which are the pages users “land” on after they click on your Ad.

Successful search engine advertising campaigns depend on five main factors:

  1. Keywords
  2. Bid price
  3. Ad relevance
  4. Expected click through rate
  5. The landing page experience

But that’s not all there is to search engine advertising. All PPC programs have rules. You can’t just purchase any keywords you want to purchase and write any ad you want. Representatives from the search engines must approve your ads and the landing pages.

With this type of search engine marketing, a qualified person should know how to perform keyword research, make keyword purchase recommendations, write/test ads, create/test landing pages, measure results, and monitor.
If it sounds like a lot of work, it can be. If you find that your search engine advertising campaign is taking up a great deal of your time, then hire a specialist. Search engine advertising professionals are often more efficient.
And remember, in our industry, search engine marketing is a Art with some science. .


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