What is personal branding and what are the strategies?

What is personal branding and what are the strategies?

the personal brand it allows any professional to emerge to impose themselves on the market. In order to showcase their skills and abilities capable of intercepting the needs of the public. To remember (brand awareness).

The brand image of the natural person.

But we must avoid excess: personal branding does not mean looking like always win but be remembered as the right fit for the job.

You can work to become a clear reference in your target: the individual thinks about a need and your name appears automatically. Your brand. You want to achieve this and communicate a specific image to yours drive?

What is the personal brand, definition

The term personal branding refers to actions for to raise awareness and the value of a personal identity.

Target? Make sure that the public, the target, know your name, connect it to a goal and appreciate it positively. So choose it and retain.

Until then recommend the professional to friends and colleagues to close the funnel of inbound marketing. In short, with personal branding we bring together everything related to the ability to make a name for ourselves, and ensure that it is then positioned in the people’s minds so that you are famous before you meet the future client.

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What is the meaning of self-branding?

Personal branding and branding are often used synonymously. They are actually two very different concepts. Or rather, the brand image it can be seen as the first step in developing a name creation strategy.

Through personal self-branding, you are able to synthesize values ​​and principles as happens with a corporate brand. Corporate branding has its own rules, the individual too. But personal brand marketing begins with this step.

How to do personal branding, the phases

There are points to be observed when deciding to do marketing with the personal brand? Yes, here’s a funnel for you to grow and get to know your name.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

This is the first step in the process of developing an effective personal branding image. Before starting, it is best to develop aSWOT analysis and extrapolate the levers that characterize you and make the strength of your being professional online.

SWOT analysis
Here’s how to do a SWOT analysis for your brand.

At this point you have to declare who you are, what you are makes it unique, because you are different from others. And why should a customer choose you and not another online professional. On the other hand, you also need to understand what makes you weak and vulnerable.

Define your useful target

Do you want to communicate and reach as many people as possible? Before you start your personal branding journey remember this: it is not possible to be the best name for everyone. You have to learn the art of being chosen by the right people.

It goes through reflection: who are the people who i want to reach? Who are my clients and what are their characteristics? You can use mine template to create personas and answer these questions:

  • How old are they?
  • What are their jobs?
  • What are the needs ?
  • Do they have fears?
  • What do they want to solve?
  • Can they spend that much?

But above all: what is the problem to be solved and how can you help these people to improve their lives. the first stage is to identify strengths, the second concerns the possibility of reducing the target audience. At this point?

We need to think about: what are the meeting points between my skills, my strengths and the needs of the public? What do I need and what can I highlight?

Choose which channels to control

Always the same story: the more appearances you have the best. But this is not true, you have to choose the channels to heal every day. There are many reasons for this orientation:

  • Not all social media is suitable for your post.
  • Your target is not present on all social networks.
  • It’s hard to find the time to take care of all the social media.

To publish quality content and creating useful experiences (which include comment management) is not easy. This is why you have to make a choice. Locate advantages and disadvantages from all channels beyond the web. I generally point to:

Dense channels

  • Blog.
  • Podcast.
  • Bulletin.
  • Youtube.
  • Offline events.
  • Online seminar.

Fast channels

  • Instagram.
  • Telegram.
  • Twitter.
  • TIC Tac.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest.

There is of course a happy medium, as for example LinkedIn Pulse e Quora. What are the best social networks for personal branding? Does not exist single answer.

LinkedIn is for professionals who want intercept collaborators, HR managers, colleagues. Instagram, on the other hand, can be the solution for those who want to focus oninfluencing marketing. I could go on forever, choose carefully.

Publish quality content

Last step of the path: define a content path to address. I don’t wanna create a real one editorial calendar at this point (comes later), but I have to start define what I will publish on the different channels that I decided to treat.

Golden Ratio Blog
The right proportion of content.

To organize the work, you can use the classic golden ratio of content marketing. What to share on the different channels? Take the example of social networks.

Most of the publications concern content curation, 30% something that you and the 10% promo. For example, what can you do on Facebook?

  • Most of the content is news, ideas and useful tools.
  • Then there are links that lead to the information you signed up for.
  • Some articles relate to promotion: interviews, video of speeches, etc.

With content, you can inform, give specific solutions to the issues that grab your readers, tell a story to convey values. Never underestimate the importance of good planning. You can use these resources:

Online digital personal branding

The steps in the name building process can be put online, on the Internet. But to get started, you need to lay the groundwork for digital personal branding.

The starting point? The ability to use a variety of tools to develop your name and develop all stages thanks to tools digital. Or?

Create a representative website

Often you only work with the content publication ignoring the base. So if you want to do personal branding online and offline we must start from the fundamentals:

  • Domain name with first and last name.
  • Email with custom domain.
  • Personal logo in the favorite icon.
  • Subscription to the service Gravatar.

Not to mention the study and printing of a coordinated image that includes business cards, letterhead, notepad, clothing and more.

Adjust your tone of voice online

How to do personal branding? You have your assets, your target and your channels: now you have to manage one of the decisive points. Namely the tone of voice, the characteristics of your communication. How will it be? Detached? Professional? Cheerful?

At this point in the branding process, you need take a decision: how you want to talk to people and what will be yours tone of voice.

Define the tone of voice
The scheme to set the tone for your personal brand.

One of the best solutions to define this step: answer the questions of the collectircontenu.com: what does your voice sound like, how it defines itself and what to avoid, for what reason. In fact, you can also enter concrete examples.

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Choose the right image on social media

Communication is the key to making a personal brand. And it defines itself by different paths. One of them is the image you want to use to present yourself to the public. And by this passage I mean first the personal visual.

“A smile with visible teeth gains on average +0.33 for skill, +1.35 for sympathy and +0.22 for influence.”

Second an analysis of 800 images people will consider you more friendly, knowledgeable, and influential if you smile in the photo. And the smiles that show their teeth are more efficient. For this you need to pierce with professional shot.

Personal branding and photos
How does this affect the smile in a photo?

Personal branding is as follows. You need to choose the colors, logo, graphic style accompanying publications. And a series of photos to use on different occasions.

For example on social networks, when you decide to personal branding with Twitter, for interviews or in the newspaper articles. What should a good photo look like?

  • High resolution.
  • Able to represent you.
  • With the face in the foreground.
  • Smiling, sunny.
  • Without special effects.
  • With small filter.

These are the advice of LinkedIn who sees the forum as an excellent opportunity for personal branding. Try to imagine a photo to clearly show, in the best possible way, that you you are the right person to get a precise result.

Examples of personal branding

I have thought a lot about the possibility of intercepting, studying and investigating certain cases of effective personal branding. Famous names are not lacking, we can speak for example of Elon musk who worked to build around him an aura of special considerations related to his skill with visionary technology.

Something similar can be defined with Richard Branson, but these days I have identified an example of a clear personal brand: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Besides being one of the highest paid influencers on Instagram, he is also an ambassador. At the 2021 Europeans, during a press conference he took away the bottles of Coca Cola to suggest to Drink water. Non-carbonated drinks. This is how Cristiano defines his brand, making it perfect for advertising a brand of healthy products.

Some interesting books to read

Personal branding canvas PDF

To organize these points, you can use templates that they are called canvas. That is, organized models, grids that guide the way clearly and well-structured. I have researched one for you, you can download it as a PDF here.

Personal brand canvas
Organize your workflow.

Make personal brand first and foremost you need to think about how to showcase the value you can bring to those who need you and your contribution. Start this process right away by downloading the free PDF to organize all the key steps.

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