What is on page SEO explained in 109 seconds

What is on page SEO explained in 109 seconds

Today, you will get on page SEO explained in 109 seconds.

On-page SEO covers the activities that are taken on your website to optimize it for search engines.

When you think about on-page SEO is about:
– optimizing the content with good keywords research, including graphics or videos,
– optimizing meta tags,
– internal linking,
– website performance optimization
– user experience (UX) optimization.

Right now, search engine algorithms are getting smarter and smarter, so it’s not enough to provide the content with the keyword everywhere. The content needs to be of good quality and respond to the query in the most user-friendly way.

For example, if the content is easier to explain with images, like, for example, how to make a specific node, then search engines will more often select content with images or videos as better results.

The other very important part of the SEO optimization on your page is optimizing meta tags, which can be done using tools like the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

Besides the UX and content, it’s also very important to optimize your website’s technical aspects, and about this, let’s talk in the next video.

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