What is off page SEO explained!

What is off page SEO explained!

Off-page SEO is the third aspect of SEO that you need to rank higher on the search engine results pages. The main idea behind the off-page SEO is all you can’t do on your website, and it doesn’t depend straight on you, like getting good quality backlinks.

Backlinks are the links that link to your website, and they show the search engine that your page is valuable and has the authority. Getting backlinks to happen during the process called link building, and about this, we will talk in the next section.

There are also some other aspects of off-page SEO that are not related to links, like social media marketing. Search engine robots can check how engaging your content is for your social media audience and is shareable. The more shares and engagement it has, the better is its quality according to the search engines.

Besides social media, influencer marketing can help with off-page SEO as well.
What also counts is brand mentions. Even if it’s not linked, it means that your brand is valuable for people, and they talk about it, so it may be worth being shown.

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