what is it and what are the rules

what is it and what are the rules

The professional writing is a creative activity that allows you to post texts to achieve specific goals. In companies, professional writing is used, but also in public administrations. It is characterized by a clear and concise writing style that tries to convey information quickly without beating around the bush.

Do you want to work on commercial writing?

Professional writing informs or persuades the audience. At the head of it all is the editor. It is the professional who uses words, phrases, consonants and vowels to achieve good results online. But what are the rules of business writing

What is professional writing and what is it for

A series of necessary rules turn communication into something useful to get the results useful to your goal.

Professional writing is a necessary means to turn your web pages – but also your Facebook posts and other content – into something functional.

Beware of the aberrations of the concept of writing in the hands of professionals: suddenly it risks becoming bureaucratic. Or, becomes business. Two forms of content that risk undermining any form of success. At least on the web, it’s clear. How to get results?

Examples of business and professional writing

Professional writing finds application in the writing of dissertations, reports, case studies, manuals and contracts. But also in the messages of E-mail, reminders and reports. Some examples of business writing also include letters and memos.

Key Principles of Effective Business Writing

Not for you or your business. You don’t have to create texts online to satisfy the boss or the your mistaken belief. Professional writing is all about analyzing and following a goal. The right use of tests can do wonders.

ab test copy
What to improve on a web page.

You want to improve your performance (and conversions) of your pages? It takes experience: the diagram of Kissmetrics it’s ideal to go. Let’s comment on it together!

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The ideal copy for professional writing

How many people read what you wrote? The length and style make the difference in your print: you must test different styles, lists, subheadings and paragraphs to understand what works and what does not. How long should an item last? It’s a Blog Title?

It all depends on what you have to show the audience, but more importantly the needs of the reader. To give a definition 300 words are enough, but not for convince a person to buy high quality medical service or insurance.

landing page length
The length of a web page.

Often short landing pages perform better, and this is where the purchases are made. dictated by emotion and momentum. But it’s not always the case.

The above image is clear testimony. The important thing is to get out what is not needed in your business creative writing and of tell stories of the product or service.

Improve the title and titles of your web pages

The title of the landing page it is the first element that the reader sees when he arrives on the page. He captures the attention, convinces him not to walk away and to continue reading. Try out different formulas and styles, and also try changing the font size.

professional writing
How does a good headline work?

But above all, work hard with all the combinations that make your webpage a masterpiece for improve conversions. Take a look at the Basecam example:

  • Title.
  • Subtitle.
  • Visua.
  • CTA.
  • Form.

The title must be a promise, a synthesis to unite the desire and the solution of the key issue for your target. Never lose sight of what people want.

Try a new call to action for buttons and forms

Do you know what the call to action is? An element to attract the attention of the public to bring the user towards retraining. This is the element for which you created a grand strategy of inbound marketing. But how does it work? What to test?

The call to action is a connect a text or a button? What size did you choose? And the color? Button a rounded shapes and does it change its appearance in hover? No more test material! But above all, remember to be clear.

call to action
What is the best solution ?

This means that professional writing should work for the user. The classic “click here” doesn’t work, you have to give your CTA a value. Reading this microcopy you must immediately understand what you are going to achieve. The example above is perfect.

Choose the right images for your page

Images have immense converting power, especially in the case of sell a product physical, and it’s your job to harmonize them with the copy you’ve created so carefully. But what are the necessary parameters? The image should be:

  • Light.
  • With the right size.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Essential.

This last point is decisive: never add photos just to break up the text. The rules of readability help to do this, pictures should be inserted to show, explain. If not break text and prevent reading. But how do you choose a good visual to respect these parameters?

landing page image
The good synergy between the text and the visual.

The rule of thumb is this: if you are selling a product, you can show it as it is used. Are you self-employed? Show yourself firsthand, put your face in the center. the the public is sensitive to this element as shown heat map.

Call to action station: find the right area

When you work with call to action text is important, but that’s not all. The position also affects the effectiveness of this text string: Try different positions.

And above all, remember an essential point: white space is not useless, but it is. essential solution to highlight the elements that make the difference.

If you want to improve yours call to action button don’t just change yourabove the fold in the last paragraph of the page (or vice versa): try to leave room for this element. And make sure it is mobile easy to select with the fingers.

Books to read, style manuals, guides

You don’t learn to write like a job from one day to another. There are professional writing courses but also books, style manuals to take an example. There is also a text dedicated to this theme with a title of the same name.

In fact, I recommend starting with the different style manuals both in journalistic field than the government, precisely to rationalize the entire sector dedicated to bureaucrats.

Better manage offers thanks to copywriting

You have to test different offers to find the most effective. Try to set them so that the values ​​are similar to avoid biased results. For example, you can offer free shipping to one group of visitors and the other group 10% reduction.

Remember the basics of convincing writing. People are sensitive to social proof, the ability to show the opinions of those who have already had experiences regarding choice to make. But in these cases, you can take advantage of the scarcity rule.

People want or try to save scarce goods. That means money and time. But they need security, especially when it comes to payments.

Your offer may attempt three types of tests: the one with a passing time, a discount impossible to ignore and a reassurance over more complex passages. For example: “Sign up for free, no credit card needed”.

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Professional writing: what are the tips?

Teamwork in this case is essential. You can’t rely on your skills alone writing to test: you must fold the design of the page to your specifications, optimize the script to change versions and save the results.

And transform them into concrete actions. In other words: doing an A / B test on landing pages in a professional manner is not easy, there are activities to follow. Do you already think about a few tries for your site and your landing pages? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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