what is it and how to attract visitors to your site

what is it and how to attract visitors to your site

You know what it is organic traffic and why is it so important for business? On a daily basis, the team of Digital marketing of companies are developing strategies to attract more visitors to a specific site or campaign.

However, these visits can come spontaneously.

This is what we call organic traffic. As the above explanation was a bit dense, knowing how to apply this traffic, in fact, can be quite complex. It can be included in SEO strategy, for example, or in viral marketing.

The strategy is extremely scalable and economical for businesses, who gain a lot by acquiring new viewers and even potential customers.

Do you want to know a little more about organic traffic and also how to attract more and more visits to your website? Read on!

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic can be defined as acquiring new visitors to a specific website or campaign without having to spend money.

This way the audience arrives in a spontaneous. Often through searches performed by popular search engines, such as Google.

Although there is no specific budget for this type of strategy, it is essential that it is supported by concrete data and actions. In this way, the site manages to rank well in the search engines.

But is it possible to bet money on organic traffic? The answer is yes, but indirectly. Businesses can boost a particular keyword, for example, so when customers search it’s their first choice to click.

With good practices, organic traffic actions can be very long-lasting, with fruits that will be harvested for months or even years – to find out how, don’t forget to read the read to the end!

What are the other sources of traffic?

Organic traffic isn’t the only one out there. If you work (or have worked) with performance analysis tools like Google Analytics, you know what I’m talking about.

Therefore, we can say that the current traffic sources that permeate digital marketing are: paid, direct, referral and social.

Let’s get to know more about each?

paid traffic

As its name suggests, the paid traffic is all motivated by certain investments of the company. These are the famous sponsored links.

To attract new visitors, companies place these ads on sites that correlate with their product or even Google.

direct traffic

It’s when the customer comes to your website without going through another one first. For example: type hotmart.com directly in the browser, without having to do a Google search.

This is a type of organic traffic, but direct traffic differs in that it is already known to its user – who somehow already knows the destination URL.

Reference traffic

Referral traffic occurs when the visitor accesses the website through another portal. When companies rely on the technique of link building, referral traffic tends to increase.

In this case, the customer was reading an article on a particular blog, for example, and clicked on a word that took them to another site.

social traffic

This traffic comes from social networks, with shared links, whether on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

When there is an analysis of the origins of hits through the specific tools, you can see from which social network the traffic was generated.

What are the 5 tips for getting more visitors to your website?

We come to the golden question of this article. Find out below 5 tips that will help your business attract more visitors!

1. Bet on content marketing

O content marketing can be understood as a way to attract customers through blog posts, e-books, journalistic texts, videos for YouTube or any other rich material.

It is very important that whatever content you choose is of the highest quality. Your customer will only click to read or view if they think they’ll learn something new.

2. Optimize your content for SEO

Acronym SEO Means search engine optimization (Search engine optimization, in Portuguese). It is a process whose main objective is to place a page first in the search engines.

After all, the higher the position of a given piece of content, the more clicks – and therefore the increase in organic traffic.

SEO can be applied to blog posts and YouTube videos. A first fundamental strategy is to choose distinct keywords that permeate your business product and then create rich content.

3. Target content based on your persona

A nobody is nothing more than the ideal customer for your business. You can create it by adding features like name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc.

This becomes very important because you can create your content thinking about what this character would like to consume. Thus, the chances of a new audience accessing the site organically are much higher.

4. Create rich and different content

Now that you know how relevant the content is to your organic traffic strategy, make sure to create one that stands out from the rest.

If you do a quick Google search, you will see that there is an article similar to the one you want to do. But this is not a cause of discouragement, quite the contrary.

Look for quality references and update your content constantly. Over time, you will find that organic traffic will increase.

5. Publish your content on other social networks

Have you just created good, quality content that can attract visitors? How about sharing it with others social networks?

This action can lead to increased social traffic, which can impact organic traffic as well. The reason is very simple: As people access and view your content frequently, Google and other search engines will understand that your site is relevant. The ranking therefore tends to go up.

What are the real benefits of organic traffic?

Now that you know what organic traffic is and also how to grow more and more numbers, check out the benefits of betting on strategy:

1. It’s an evolutionary strategy

When it comes to paid traffic, when a particular campaign no longer receives a boost, clicks tend to decrease.

The reverse is true with organic traffic. By applying the good practices mentioned above, the intention is that the website receives more and more visits.

2. It is much more economical

Following the rationale for the benefit above, besides being scalable, organic traffic can be a “free” strategy which is beneficial for marketers.

The cost-benefit ratio is usually much higher and the ultimate intention is the same: to attract new interested parties and potential customers.

3. You build a relationship with your audience

The moment your content begins to stand out from the crowd, your audience understands that they can come back whenever they need to to resolve doubts.

This way, users will trust what you post. In addition to this loyalty, they will also share it with other interested friends.

Ready to apply this strategy to your business?

Organic traffic is a very welcome action for anyone who works with digital marketing. With this strategy, it is possible to attract new visitors and become a real reference within the niche of activity.

however, remember that organic traffic takes time., because it is a long and medium term strategy. If you need instant results, other possibilities might be worth considering.

Do you really want to know how SEO can be essential in increasing organic traffic? Find out how this strategy can get you to the top spots on Google!

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