What is it and how can it help you sell?

What is it and how can it help you sell?

Selling models have evolved due to changes in consumption and purchasing habits. It makes no sense today to continue to rely on traditional sales methods such as the “cold door” or contacts.

From now on, a new sales model is required around three fundamental pillars: social networks, confidence and the ability to make an emotional connection. We are talking about social saleg. If you want to know what it is and how to apply it in your business model, in this article we will tell you about it.

Selling through social media is not something that can be handled empirically. For this it is necessary not only to maintain a commercial profile on social networks, but also to first make a marketing plan on social networks where the strategy to be followed is established and with it, ensure success from the start.

What is social selling?

When we refer to social sale We are talking about a marketing strategy that integrates the use of social networks, not only to sell on them but WITH them. It differs from traditional selling in that it is not a simple transaction. the Social sale aims to establish a lasting relationship with customers to attract and seduce prospects and customers.

The key to sales is to build trust and generate or satisfy a need. By integrating social media into the marketing strategy, we increase brand reach and therefore sales.

It is not a question of proposing a product of “I have that for you” but to establish a proximity with the customers, to answer their doubts and to satisfy their previous needs and thus to change direction and that comes from ‘them the’ Can you give me something? “.

Why is it important to bet on social selling

These days, most people consult the Internet before making a purchase. In fact, when making contact with the business, over 60% of the purchasing decision is made. It is for this reason that the integration of Social sale becomes the ideal leverage strategy for a growing business.

This strategy allows the sales staff to ensure early and friendly contact with the buyer. Its objective is to establish a brand image where the company presents itself as a leader and a reference in its field.

Being identified as an expert or specialist sharing quality content will attract more audiences and create a strong brand image.

What advantages does it offer new businesses?

The power of social media goes beyond the simple bulletin board about the company and its promotions. Customers are more interactive, active and critical every day. They don’t want to buy a product. They want to have an experience. In addition, they are looking for an industry expert who can provide solutions to their needs.

By integrating a strategy of Social sale we will realize:

Compete with leaders in our sector

Achieving brand reach and recognition is now more achievable through strategies of Social sale because they allow the company to position itself much more quickly compared to its competitors.

Define the target audience

Integrating the appropriate tools allows us to do a preliminary assessment to determine the audience we intend to reach, i.e. our buyer persona.

Determine the type of content to transmit

It is essential to analyze through the different measurement tools which content is of most interest to our audience. This will help us know what type of message will be the most appropriate to generate trust, and with it, drive sales.

Measure the competition from the start

Networks not only allow us to get to know our target audience better, we can also track the type of communication being handled by the competition and design a sales strategy that is even better or with a different approach.

Increase the brand’s reach since its inception

If anything characterizes social networks, it is the possibility of reaching millions of users at the same time. Appearance on social media even before starting the business, for example, through pre-launch campaigns, increases expectations about it and better dissemination of what the business has to offer.

How to set up a Social Selling strategy?

Next, we’ll see what steps we need to take to implement an effective social selling strategy.

  1. Create an editorial calendar

    A key aspect to execute a strategy of Social sale that generates sales is showing itself as a benchmark company in its field, which we can trust.
    Incorporate news, of interest to your target audience, that adds value to your followers and is easy to disseminate in the community. Remember, it’s not about dumping random content, it’s about maintaining a conversation, being a business, and consulting in the customer’s buying process, hence the importance of content.

  2. Use a CRM

    The customer management tool, popularly known as CRM softwareIt is not only useful for facilitating the invoicing process or managing the customer database, it can also be used as a sales manager.
    The CRM will allow the sales and customer transition process to be controlled through the funnel, which in turn will make it easier to maintain better control over the purchases made by that customer and how that particular product or service. has been sold.
    Even some CRMs allow the connection of different social networks on a single platform, facilitating the communication process in order to maintain a personalized conversation with each of the prospects at all times and to conduct proper customer management.

  3. Choose the right strategy

    Each Social seller you have to define and design your own strategy. This directly serves the brand’s growth goals, as well as the target audience. For this it will be necessary to “listen” to what is happening on social networks in terms of business opportunities that can be realized through timely contact.

A call or a message after detecting this opportunity or need in a customer or prospect can make the difference.

The point of utmost importance for companies choosing a strategy of Social sale will accompany and guide customers and prospects throughout their purchasing process, by sharing content, answering their questions and adding value to their process of acquiring the product or service offered.

Even if they later decide not to buy the product for now, this approach will position the brand as a trusted benchmark.

Consistency: the key to a successful social selling strategy

Integrate a strategy such as Social sale for a new business, it takes persistence. Let’s not forget that this is the most personalized approach to customer service and taking into account each of the individual considerations and needs of our customers or prospects can be overwhelming at first. However, patience and perseverance in dealing with social networksBy transforming them into a fulcrum for the growth of your brand, it can bear great fruit given the same medium in which it is projected. The integration of the appropriate tools and the good use of the advantages offered by the social networks will guarantee a strategy of Social sale to success.

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