what is it and 10 ways to fix it

what is it and 10 ways to fix it

It’s no secret that we live surrounded by The advertisement. The average person receives thousands of ad hits a day, so in order not to saturate ourselves, we’ve learned to “filter” ads that don’t interest us.

For marketers, that means we need to find ways to overcome this hurdle and reach our target audience. One of our worst enemies is the advertising fatigue, which causes campaigns to cease to be effective after a certain period of airing. What is it and how can we fight it?

What is ad fatigue and 10 ways to fix it

What is advertising fatigue?

the advertising fatigue or advertising fatigue This happens when your audience sees your ads so often that they lose interest in them and stop interacting with them. The click-through rate and other actions decrease, while the frequency increases.

The problem with ad fatigue is that your campaign becomes less efficient. In turn, this lowers the quality score, which is why the ads are not shown in such prominent positions because the algorithms of the advertising platform do not prioritize them. As a result, the cost per click increases more and more, you get less results and the return on investment deteriorates.

To properly detect ad fatigue, keep in mind that the metrics worsen as the frequency increases. If the frequency has not changed significantly, we are faced with a different problem.

10 ways to fight advertising fatigue

1) watch your ads

To can eliminate advertising fatigue, the first step is to detect and identify it correctly. Therefore, you should frequently review your metrics to see how audiences are engaging with your ads. Here are the main metrics you need to watch out for:

2) Switch between the different ads

The main cause of advertising fatigue is overexposure to the same ad. Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid it is to be prepared and create different creations for the same campaign.

To further streamline the process, you can set automatic unsubscribe thresholds so that one ad is automatically replaced with the next when its CTR drops too low or when the frequency exceeds a predetermined number.

3) try another copy

Sometimes it is not necessary to change all the creativity, just give it a different touch. One of the things that can help us achieve this effect is the copy.

Monotonous and repetitive copies are very visible. The campaigns appear almost the same as each other, and the user loses interest. Or even if a copy is really original, after having seen it several times it never ceases to surprise us.

However, We recommend that you frequently update the text of your ads And don’t stop looking for new ways to grab your audience’s attention.

4) Change the images

When we are surfing the internet or using social media, we are able to detect familiar advertising almost instantly and we don’t even see it. Therefore, to have an impact again, it can be very useful to change the images in an advertisement.

Try to make the change really radical, by modifying the colors principal or even the thematic of the image. For example, if you are advertising a cosmetic brand, you can go from an image of lipstick in orange tones to eye shadows in green and blue.

What is ad fatigue and 10 ways to fix it

5) Update the call to action

The call to action is a fundamental component of ads because it is what makes the user click and become a lead. If you have ad fatigue issues, you may just need change the call to action for your audience to engage again.

As with text, the call to action can be a great place to experiment and try new ways to regain attention and stand out amid ad saturation.

6) Change formats

Online advertising platforms have many different formats: image, video, galleries, interactive formats … If your ad doesn’t work anymore, maybe it’s time to spin it around and try to tell the same information in a different way.

7) Schedule announcements at different times

One option that may not have occurred to you is to schedule the publication of your online advertising campaigns on different times of the day. By changing the time slot, you can reach users who have different Internet consumption habits. For example, you can launch your campaign in the morning and, when the metrics indicate you’ve hit ad fatigue, move on to the afternoon schedule. This way, you will reach a new audience who will see your ads for the first time.

8) Analyze the funnel phase

When an ad starts showing ad fatigue without reaching its full potential, we have to ask ourselves if there is something wrong with the campaign strategy.

It is possible that the problem is that the message is not suited to the phase of the funnel the audience is in, for example, it is an advertisement that prompts to buy when the users are still in the research phase. Therefore, you will need to adapt messages and creations to achieve maximum impact at each point of the customer journey.

What is ad fatigue and 10 ways to fix it

9) try different audiences

To put an end to advertising fatigue, nothing better than start from scratch with a different audience. So I encourage you to experiment with targeting your ad and keep tweaking your audience settings. You might even end up discovering new buyer personality to help you develop your brand.

What is ad fatigue and 10 ways to fix it

10) Exclude people who have already interacted with your brand

When someone has already become a lead or even bought from you, they don’t want to keep seeing generic ads over and over again. Therefore, be sure to exclude users who have already engaged with the brand from your audience. For best results, you can include them in a remarketing list they see even more personalized ads that encourage them to become a permanent customer or to buy again.

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