What is Houseparty?  What is it for?  The essential app in confinement

What is Houseparty? What is it for? The essential app in confinement

If there is an app that is rampaging during confinement by the Covid-19 (outside the category of training apps) is Houseparty.

Yes, the app for the little hand. You will easily recognize it by its image. An app that has been available on the market for a long time but has not had its moment of popularity until these last weeks. Facebook even wanted to acquire it at the time but it was finally the video game company Epic Games who got her. And now we give thanks for it.

What is Houseparty?

Let’s finish the debate on whether it is a social network or an app, it is both. That it is a private app does not mean that it is a social network. In fact, they call themselves: Face to face social network.

It is characterized by being a video call app with extras. Let’s think about all those apps in which we make video calls: teams, hangouts, skype, whatsapp, etc. Nothing new, all more or less the same, with small differences between them.

However, Houseparty, as its name suggests, has another purpose: to have fun. It is not intended to be the app that we use for teleworking in times of confinement but rather the app that we use for video calls with friends. Well, and with strangers. You invite your friends, your friends invite other friends. And when you want to realize it, you have a room full of people ready to have a good time playing a series of games such as Pictionari, the classic drawing, Trivial or Who’s who among others. That’s the Houseparty value proposition. And he is hitting it.

In times of free time crisis, this type of apps or networks are a must in our catalog.

Where to download Houseparty?

You have it in iOS Y Android as well as the Chrome version and the version for Mac.

Get ready to have a good time.

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