What is Fundo, the new social network for influencers?

What is Fundo, the new social network for influencers?

If you’ve heard of it before, you’re up to date in the world of influencers. Fundo has many surprises in store for us, as it is a new social network that even small businesses can benefit from. Do you want to know how it works and why many find it so interesting to connect with your audience? Find out in this article!

What is Fundo?

Fundo is a social network created by Google itself and designed for influencers and youtubers. It describes itself as a virtual photo booth, an analogy that refers to these meetings between artists and their fans, eager to “take a picture” with them and to meet in person backstage at a concert or a certain event. event.

On this platform, influencers or companies can create and participate in different types of live interactive experiences and events, fix the date of these events and, if they wish, sell tickets.

The idea is to monetize events that content creators organize themselves online, making it a new avenue for generating income. As we mentioned earlier, Fundo is not only aimed at influencers and celebrities, this platform also has great potential for businesses and content creators who want to elevate engagement with their audience to another. level.

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How does Fundo work?

Unlike other similar platforms, creating or attending all kinds of live virtual events and experiences with Fundo is really intuitive. Users will be able to decide to attend workshops, conferences or concerts online and, in addition, benefit from certain privileges, such as… talking directly with the artist!

The operation is simple: the influencer creates the event and sets it for a certain date, interested people register and will receive an email to remind them of the event. Everything is in the hands of those who create the event, since they can control the price of tickets, offer discounts or organize this kind of video chat completely free of charge.

In addition to controlling the payment process, event creators will be able to view logs, control live streaming and customize various aspects like, for example, if you want to meet a person or organize group meetings. They can also let the event take place when the attendees request it.

In addition, guests can offer exclusive content Intended only for subscribers who subscribe to your YouTube paid channel.

This application can be used on mobile as well as on computer. Users who access it will be able to consult all the available events as if it were a virtual calendar, register, answer a few questions, pay for the ticket (if it is not free) and attend the date indicated. The platform generates a virtual assistance link, sends email reminders and, if necessary, offers technical support.

No need to install any other apps: Fundo takes care of everything related to payments or live streaming technology, so it is very easy to manage and customize each event from a only place.

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What types of events can be organized at Fundo?

There are three types of events that can be organized at Fundo: one-on-one chat, Meet & Greet and workshops. How are each of them and what can be done?

We explain how they work.

Chat one-on-one

As the term itself suggests, fans have the option of speaking directly to the host, whether it’s an influencer, a company, or some other personality. The chats are done one by one, they are personal meetings during which the guest / participant can take a souvenir photo with a personalized frame.

The formula is very exclusive, so of the three options, it is surely the format that allows the most to increase the value and the monetization.

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Meet and greet

In this type of virtual experience, influencers or companies can organize meetings of up to 30 people, being able to establish different teams to accommodate different groups with this capacity limit. Participants can also request a ride, but to ask questions of the event creator and, in this way, generate a dynamic and comfortable environment.

In the face-to-face format, we already know this type of event. However, due to the pandemic and the emergence of other platforms, such as Twitch, this type of event is becoming more and more common in the online world. And that’s how more people can attend and have the opportunity to meet, albeit virtually, their favorite influencer or content creator.

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Workshops or workshops are probably the modality that interests small businesses the most. In this Fundo format, companies can promote their products or services in a practical way and thereby involve their audience. The host shares his screen and interacts with his audience, which allows a wide variety of possibilities: teaching, languages, cooking workshops, music, etc.

Likewise, in Fundo’s virtual environment, you can achieve personalized experiences, for example using funny backgrounds, applying certain filters to the video, etc.

Being a platform that speeds up virtual dating so much, it becomes even more important in the post-pandemic context. An opportunity to generate professional or B2C meetings and digitize something as physical as events.

In addition, it is a good option for connecting with users at different levels, an environment in which to encourage more personal approaches and to build a relationship between hosts and guests that makes all the difference.

Even if for the moment this application is only available in the United States, very soon many countries will get hold of it and we will be able to exploit all its advantages. Have you had any contact with this social network? Share your experience in the comments!

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