What is flywheel and how does it affect the sales funnel?

What is flywheel and how does it affect the sales funnel?

Flywheel is a new sales and conversion strategy used in the incoming marketg. The sales funnel has so far been a mainstay of marketing, both online and offline. But lately it has mutated to reinvent itself and become what is called Flywheel.

What is the steering wheel?

With the Flywheel, the sales process is no longer seen as a funnel, but as a wheel that keeps turning. It is a dynamic concept that differs from the funnel mainly on two points:

  • Speed. It is defined by the impetus given to the different areas where it can have a greater impact on the customer, who is always at the center of the wheel. The objective is not only to attract the customer but to delight them and optimize their experience.
  • Friction. The wheel may turn faster or slower, depending on the strategies applied. But if there is too much friction between the different parts of the steering wheel, it will slow down and it will take us longer to reach our goals. This means establishing good coordination between different areas of the team (marketing, sales, customer service, etc.) to avoid losing customers.

Flywheel Marketing Comments

This marketing model is a kind of equipment that works together and which consists of three parts: marketing, sales and service.


Marketing in the context of the funnel understood the customer as if they were just going to make a purchase. With the Flywheel strategy, this perspective is broadened, including the possibility that the sale could be repeated by the same customer. Based on this idea, the appropriate marketing strategies are applied to keep in touch with current customers. In this way, we maintain this relationship in order to offer you new products or services.

A service

Another change that is being applied with this new marketing model is that it focuses on improving customer service. This aims to equalize in importance this department with the others. If the after-sales team has followed all of the basic steps to provide optimal customer service, the Flywheel circle is finished.


According to surveys carried out in companies, word of mouth is the best reference to get sales. Therefore, we cannot get a customer and forget about them after the transaction is completed. Strong relationships must be built and placed at the heart of our Flywheel strategy. To keep growing we need work on our reputation and provide the best experience for our customers to share their recommendations.

There are many ways to increase sales, and the techniques that businesses can use go beyond direct marketing. However, if they all have something in common, it is that you have to start from a point of knowledge about the customer.

Once you have all the information, you can start including these proposals in your strategy:

Techniques to increase sales

Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

A lot of people don’t like too direct marketing actions. To reach this segment of your audience, the ideal is to apply non-intrusive techniques such as inbound marketing. In this sense, the best thing you can do is offer content that interests your buyer persona.

For example, offer skin care tips if you have a cosmetic brand or recipes if you sell food. The customer will approach your brand, so the sale will be effortless.

Do you sell

Beyond your product or service, you must keep in mind that you are the first product that you are going to sell. There are many competitors who are fighting for the same market as you and you have to distinguish yourself from them. It’s here that personal branding comes into play.

Demonstrates the quality of the product

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this maxim also applies when it comes to selling. If you want to convince a potential customer to buy what you are offering, let him see the quality for himself. One way to do this, depending on what you are selling, is to offer samples.

Satisfied customers testimonials

You might have a hard time demonstrating this as it is not something that can be applied to just any type of business. Either way, what you can do is contact satisfied customers to give their testimonials. It is a very good way to convince a drive who could become a client.

Sell ​​benefits

The characteristics of the product are those which define it from a rational point of view. However, remember that sales happen when you create a desire in the consumer, and this is done by appealing to your needs and the benefits that the purchase will bring to you.

For example, quoting the ingredients of a cream is not the same as saying: “With it, your skin will be more hydrated and you will reduce wrinkles.” The second option has a much more noticeable effect and will help you increase your sales.

These are five techniques that can help you in your goal of increasing sales. However, remember that to maximize its effect, It is essential that you and the rest of the sellers are the first lovers of your product or service., as you demonstrate. All of this, coupled with an ability to analyze from the start, will increase your chances of success.

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