What is Facebook business manager and how to configure it?

What is Facebook business manager and how to configure it?


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Tools like Facebook Business Manager make managing your social media strategy much easier and help you improve your productivity and performance.

Find out everything you need to get started with Business Manager in this handy guide.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that allows companies to centralize and manage all their activities related to the Facebook platform in one place.

Thus, you can manage multiple pages, from a single Facebook Business Manager account.

This space allows you to manage advertising accounts, Instagram accounts as well as product catalogs centrally.

The tool also allows you to add other users and control their access rights. A very useful feature when you want members of your team or external experts to intervene, on specific tasks, in your marketing strategy on Facebook.

Who can use Facebook Business Manager?

If you are a solopreneur or manager of a convenience store for example, your initial needs in terms of Facebook strategy management will probably be very basic and you will not necessarily need to create and configure a Facebook Business Manager account.

But the tool becomes a necessity if you are in one of the following cases:

  • You have multiple Facebook, Instagram or advertising accounts to manage
  • Several members of your team contribute to the development and execution of your social media strategy
  • You need or plan to involve external providers and experts such as a digital agency, to help you develop your presence on social networks
  • You want to avoid any security problem by controlling the access rights of the users of your accounts and your company.

Whatever your needs and prospects, we advise you to start by creating and configuring your account on Facebook business manager before implementing your strategy.

This will allow you to structure things and familiarize yourself with the tool to fully understand the different features.

The advantages and limitations of Facebook Business Manager

The advantages of Facebook Business Manager:

  • Separate your business accounts from your personal account.

Which means you won’t have to worry about safety and the risk of posting a personal post on your company page anymore (we’ve all made this mistake at least once)

  • Manage a large number of pages and ad accounts more efficiently.

You will no longer have to switch constantly from one account to another or open a dozen tabs on your browser to report on your various campaigns. Everything is accessible and manageable from a single centralized dashboard on Facebook Busines Manager.

  • Secure your company’s presence on social networks.

Your employees or service providers need to access your Facebook page ? Business Manager allows you to add them as users without sharing your access details. You can also set their rights to control what data they can see or what actions they can perform on your page.

And if there is a problem with a user, you can safely delete them and withdraw their access.

The disadvantages of Facebook Business Manager:

The main disadvantage of Facebook Business Manager is as follows:

  • A relatively complex user interface

Centralizing different functions, designed for different uses, on the same interface is a real challenge.

Facebook goes to great lengths to make its “Business Manager” easy to use, but the user experience is quite complex and not very intuitive, which can cause confusion for inexperienced users.

Added to this are the constant changes introduced to the platform. This makes it even more difficult to grip the tool.

3 steps to configure your Business Manager account

  • Create a Facebook Business Manager account

To create your Business Manager account, go to the address business.facebook.com, click on create an account and follow the instructions.

create a facebook business manager account

You will have to provide your data and those of your company such as the name and the professional email address that you will use to manage the account.

Make sure you submit correct data. It is not always possible or easy to change this information.

Then send the registration form and confirm your account with the confirmation email you will receive.

There you have it, your account is now created.

The next step is to link your Facebook pages or Instagram accounts to your Business Manager account. For this you can either add existing pages / accounts, or create new ones.

add a business manager page

To add a Facebook page, click on “Add” then “Add a page”, then enter the name or the URL of the page in question.

enter name facebook page

You should be aware, however, that you cannot add pages to which you do not have access. So, if you are a provider or an employee and you need to add a page that you do not already manage, request access to the administrator.

You can do this directly from Busines Manager by choosing “Request access to a page”And follow the instructions.

Once the addition has been approved, you will be able to manage all the activities on the page and have access to all the performance data on your Business Manager dashboard.

  • Add ad accounts

To set up and manage Facebook or Instagram Ads campaigns using Business Manager, you will need to link your account to an advertising account.

add facebook ad account

The procedure is identical to that concerning the pages. You can either add accounts directly or request access to those you don’t manage. If you do not yet have advertising accounts, you can create one directly from the Facebook Business Manager interface.

One of the coolest features of Business Manager is the ability to add other contributors to the accounts and pages you manage. You can do this by adding new users.

In your Business Manager dashboard, choose “Users” then click “Add” and enter the email address of the person in question

add user

You can choose between employee access or administrator access.

The “administrator” role gives full access to the account, including the ability to add or remove users.

Once your Facebook Business Manager account is created, you will be able to execute and follow all your social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram directly on the Facebook Business Manager dashboard.

All you have to do is develop your strategy and your editorial line social networks.

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