What is behind the slogans?

What is behind the slogans?

By Raquel Teixidor

Word slogan comes from scottish and means war cry, a concept that defines its function very well, since it is the “battle cry” of brands and products to be able to identify and differentiate themselves from the competition.

The RAE defines the slogan as “short and original formula, used for advertising, political propaganda, etc.. “In other words, a slogan is a short, ‘catchy’ phrase that seeks to represent a brand to promote rapid identification of its products and services with consumers. For this reason, the slogan is the perfect tool for getting around. position as a brand and stand out from the competition As we said, the best “battle cry”.

Brands have slogans and logos with a clear purpose: to advertise. The difference between them is that the logo is the visual representation of the brand and the slogan is the sound representation. Both formats are designed to capture the attention of consumers and are therefore easy to understand and remember.

Through slogans, we strengthen our brand’s personality, improve its public perception, and attract and retain more customers.

But creating a slogan is not an easy task, you have to succeed in creating unique, attractive and memorable slogans.

What elements should a good slogan meet?

  1. Be easy to remember. I offer you a challenge. Then I will write you some slogans to see if they fulfill the first objective, to remember. Can you identify the brand behind each of them? We have started!
  • They last, last and last …
  • I like this
  • Because you worth it
  • There are things that money cannot buy, for everything else …
  • Don’t give up

As has been? Of course, you knew the majority’s solution. Indeed, these are the slogans of Duracell, McDonald’s, L’Oréal, Mastercard and Rexona, respectively. Therefore, for a slogan to perform its function, it must be easy to remember and associate with your brand.

  1. Be a short catchy phrase. The intention is that it sticks quickly and is different from all the others.
  1. Who conveys the message we want. This message is usually the main benefit. We need to know what is the value that sets us apart and how we can improve the lives of our potential customers.

For example, ” Quality is not expensive ” from LIDL tells us directly about the profit that the person will get by going to the supermarket in a clear and simple way: you are going to buy good things and not expensive.

And what do pharmaceutical company slogans look like? What particularities do they have compared to other industries?

Next, I suggest you analyze the slogans of some of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies.

  • Reinvent medicine (Novartis)
  • A spirit of discovery (Lily)
  • People and ideas for innovation in health (Chiesi)
  • Empower life (Sanofi)
  • Do what patients need next now (rock)
  • Do more, feel better, live longer (GSK)

In general, we can see that these slogans convey much more seriousness than those previously exposed. If we look closely, some recurring concepts are commitment to research and innovation, while others choose to put health and life first, empowering the patient and putting him at the center. In addition, we see that English dominates all the slogans, giving it a more global air and making it more attractive and sophisticated for the consumer.

And in the OTC world? How do brands differentiate themselves to be market leaders?

As you all know, OTC products are more permissive and therefore give more leeway when creating creative concepts and strategizing MKT. But, in turn, the multitude of competition for each product makes it difficult to differentiate and lead the market. How do companies manage to gain a foothold and get consumers to choose them over other brands?

Below you will find slogans from a group of anti-inflammatory creams that have been used in TV commercials.

  • Joy of movement (Voltadol forte)
  • Effective against pain (Flogoprofen)
  • Salil radio effect (Salil radio)
  • You want? You can (Fisiocream)

With these four slogans, we realize the wide range of approaches that we can give to the product of the same indication. Voltadol strong he plays with a very moving slogan, making us understand that by using his product, we will rediscover the joy of moving. Flogoprofen opts for a more technical slogan and speaks of efficiency, positioning itself as a very reliable brand. Salil radio chooses to invent the “Radio salil concept”, thus differentiating itself from the competition. To finish, Fisiocreme He calls out to us with an “if you want, you can”. A powerful phrase that implies that only you are the one who decides how you feel, since the solution to your problem lies within them.

That said, the slogans have shifted from “battle cries” to “creativity cries”, phrases that encapsulate the essence of each brand in an ingenious and creative way.

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