What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Use It To Make Money 2021

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Use It To Make Money 2021

Affiliate or Affiliate Marketing is the system by which you recommend a product or service and take a commission per sale.

For me, affiliate marketing is the best option to generate income online since it is the system that offers me the most freedom.

It practically becomes a commercial on autopilot thanks to this blog, my YouTube channel and Email advertising although sometimes I use it with word of mouth offline.

In any case I also use other sources of income so as not to depend exclusively on this system.

Basically you have to find one or more products or services to recommend, register in the affiliate system that they have (in many cases you will need create a website or blog or a certain number of followers on a social network), and you will thus have a URL or custom link that you will have to share and use and with which your commissions can be allocated and you will have access to clicks and income statistics.

Sometimes they can give you a discount code to use for example in your podcast because it is easier to follow and allows people to remember the coupon.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Others are in charge of creating the product or service, of the sale, of its update … it is enough to communicate it and to reach the public.
  2. The others take care of conversions, support, remarketing, sales funnels
  3. You don’t need to update courses, products or services.
  4. Fast and easy. Win time. You can test without creating anything and if people buy it, create your own version. You recommend someone else’s Instagram course and if they sell, you create your own.
  5. Recurring income with some affiliate systems. Hosting if the customer renews it pays you every year for your current customers without looking for others.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

  1. You didn’t create them. Personal brand, trust and reputation issue.
  2. you take a percentage When you could take it all if you did
  3. Cookies They can last for 24 hours and many sales that come from you do not take a commission. In my Amazon affiliate store Sillonesdemasaje.shop the sale takes time from the buyer since he has to compare on several websites, see the colors, ask the family … When he goes to buy it, the sale is no longer attributed to you on multiple occasions.
  4. You add free links to these affiliate websites.
  5. Conditions may change without notice. Amazon or Semrush box.
  6. You must use multiple affiliates and have multiple websites to make it profitable and depend on a single source of income.
  7. If you lose your ranking in Google, goodbye to income. SuccessMP3.com case. It is important to have multiple sources of traffic. Use a Email Marketing Tool this is the key.

How To Find Products With Affiliates

Usually you will find a link that says “Affiliate Program“At the bottom of websites or by searching Google for the tools or products you use by adding the word”affiliatesAnd you want to recommend to generate income.

Countless brands offer affiliate programs such as Hotmart, Amazon, Casa del libro, PCcomponentes, Lufthansa

There is also websites that many companies collect and they allow you to find businesses in one place:

  1. Tradedoubler
  2. Awin
  3. Trade tracker
  4. Webgains
  5. Impact

Another option if you want to recommend something and they don’t have an affiliate system is to come to terms with them. In my case with other professionals and I create a section services with a list.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Here are the steps you can take to earn money using affiliate marketing:

Choose the product or service

It would be the perfect mix:

  1. That you use it Or that you know this is one of the best options for a certain audience: I can recommend the best Windows laptop for people who don’t use Macs. Explain clearly for whom and that I am not using it for example. Give reasons. Credibility. Best price. Advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Good commission: When faced with similar options, stick with the one that offers the highest commission and the best commissions. That I pay quickly, I don’t care. I prefer a single payment of 3000 € to 10 of 300 €.
  3. Make it reliable: It must generate trust both in you to pay you and in the customers you send.
  4. Good follow-up: cookies 24 hours a day or at the last click. There is competition and others will advertise the same products or services so that the customer will make multiple clicks and inquiries. Analyzing how the system works and who receives the commission is important for following the best strategy, for example, encouraging immediate buying, for example.
  5. Good retraining: There is no point in promoting a product with a good commission and good quality if the purchase or registration is complex or if your audience is not interested. That is why many products need to be tested. It also depends a lot on whether these companies are remarketing, having good sales funnels, using upselling techniques or offering a free trial, etc. Aliexpress offers better commission than Amazon But Aliexpress is used by less people, the shipping takes a long time, and the buying process is very easy on Amazon because it already has the data of many people and You don’t need to enter your payment information or shipping address.

Reach the audience

To let people find out about your recommendations, you can use:

  1. A blog and position yourself thanks to SEO
  2. Usar Email Marketing (newsletter).
  3. Create a podcast.
  4. Upload videos to YouTube and add links.
  5. Use alternative email marketing such as web push notifications or Telegram groups.
  6. Use word of mouth.
  7. Share on social networks and put a link in your profile to a menu like this or to the product you are promoting at any time, such as Audible or Kindle Unlimite or my Newsletter.
  8. Campaign with influencers
  9. Invest carefully in advertising campaigns. Is it profitable for you? You get high commissions so you don’t lose money. Amazon does not allow ads directly on products. Yes to your blog post for example.

Build trust

As you market yourself and people trust you more, they will buy more. It is important to be the most honest and sincere possible to achieve it.

Also show results And how does it work.

Call to action Motivation. Discount

Give something else. So you can increase sales. For example, if you contract the hosting of Hostinger from this link I offer you 6 months of free access to my courses of Triunfacontublog.com. Write to me and that’s it.

Create your own redirect links

So you can add them to the built-in YouTube links which only allow you to add links to your registered domains. Use the Pretty Link or Redirection plugin. So can measure the number of clicks and create different ones for Instagram profile or for an email campaign.

Create your own affiliate system

Others may recommend your products, courses or services. Hotmart and Amazon have already integrated it, for example. They recommend my book on Amazon “The Other Success” and they get a commission and I get sales.

But you can also use it for your courses so that students or who want can recommend them and you pay them a commission or sales incentives such as discounts or free months.

Install the payment plugin AffiliateWP and you can do it.

The tool Hotjar for example, offer a ranking and give away sweatshirts and t-shirts when you get a certain number of affiliates.

It is also a good link building strategy because many people will add links to your courses from their social networks or websites.


If you want to realize this whole strategy and see inside how I apply it through videos you have a specific lesson in my classes.

You can also get a lot of ideas by analyzing this same blog.

For me the affiliate marketing is my main source of income and it allows me to have a lot of freedom, to automate my income and to have a lot more free time.

There is also most hidden online businesses that they can also use affiliate systems and generate income faster.

Are you using affiliate marketing? Do you plan to use it? Does it work for you?

If you think this article can help anyone, please share it.

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