What I need to make an important decision personally and professionally

What I need to make an important decision personally and professionally

We all have decisions to make. Sometimes we don’t realize that third parties are taking it for us. That’s what I do.

Each of us must make important decisions frequently. Especially in these days, there are decisions that are not seen as such because the flow of the people around us is being followed. “If they do, it will have to be correct.” You should always ask yourself this question. “Is it really?”

A position for and against

To make an important decision, there must be two possible options at the end. One for and one against. If one part is hidden or not presented in the same way as the other, it always gives the feeling that someone wants to influence you to make the decision they want. This type of situation generates doubts and makes me investigate the other option more strongly. This is what makes you discover valuable information both personally and professionally. You look where no one is looking because it is taken for granted that there is nothing.

Reliable data

Data is one of the most important things you need to make a good decision. “What if I choose A and what if I choose B?” Often there is no data, but in the cases that you have, it is important to analyze it well. We must also pay attention to the reliability of the data. Is this information correct, complete and not taken out of context? In particular, the last aspect can lead to a bad decision if the data is taken out of context or if only a part of it is presented. It is important to have all the data history to do a full analysis.

Follow intuition

In the end, when we have already analyzed the quantitative part, we must move on to the qualitative part. Which option do you feel most comfortable with? Intuition is not the part you should start with because you are running out of data that will and should influence it. Ultimately, I need to feel comfortable with a decision. I must have the feeling that represents me. The worst thing that can happen to you is to act against your own beliefs and your philosophy of life. Making a decision is not easy. When you took it, that doesn’t mean you can’t switch positions whenever new data pops up that makes you see aspects that you haven’t been able to see before.

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