What does learning consist of?

What does learning consist of?

The apprenticeship contract is a contract that was heavily used by companies before covid and which should pick up steam in the coming months. It allows both to have employees who are trained within companies as well as to develop a training center. It gives the possibility to obtain to the apprentice a diploma or a professional title and a remuneration while the company can see the behavior of the employee on time and train his employee according to his needs.

The principle of learning

The objective is to hire an employee on a fixed-term contract and that he be trained by work-study program in a training center in a theoretical and practical way within your company. It applies to all levels of diplomas from CAP to Masters level. This is a full-time contract since the apprentice alternates between training and his time in the company. The employee is supervised by an apprenticeship master who will enable him to acquire all the skills necessary to carry out his tasks. This one can of course be directly the company manager.

Almost all employers are able to sign an apprenticeship contract: companies, associations, public bodies, or even the liberal professions are able to do so. It is only possible to use an apprenticeship contract for people in the age group between 16 and 25 years old. However, exemptions are possible in both directions, especially in the event of a disability.

The duration and remuneration of the contract

This is variable and can cover from six months up to three years. It actually depends on the training chosen and it is possible for an employee to carry out several successive contracts, especially when it comes to acquiring a higher qualification. It is possible tobe an apprentice in the building and globally in all sectors of activity.

The apprentice’s remuneration depends on his age and seniority. Under 18, he will receive 25% of the minimum wage during his first year, then 41% between 18 and 20, and finally 53% for those over 21. These rates increase over the years. The region can grant it additional aid which is not negligible.

The advantages of the apprenticeship contract

Apprenticeship allows an employee to have paid training and a recognized diploma.

For the company, it offers the opportunity above all to benefit from an exemption social charges which can be combined with other financial benefits such as the tax credit. Most of the time, it is above all a question of being able to train an employee who will meet the expectations of the company and who will be competent at the end of his apprenticeship period. Apprenticeship is an excellent way to assess the integration of your employee within your structure.

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