What does it mean and how to use it

What does it mean and how to use it

In journalistic language, the acronym NdR. it means Editor’s Note or editor’s note. It is used in newspaper articles to indicate the addition of a writer to a quote. In this way, the source and its integrity are respected.

What does this mean in the newspapers?

Usually, the abbreviation NdR is in square brackets. This clarification yes add next to element inserted and it is essential to preserve the accuracy of the communication. Examples of use of this solution?

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How to use NDR, here is an example

“I went home [a Napoli N.d.R.] to rest”. This is a classic example of how you can use the acronym to make the information complete.

There is one detail that often goes unnoticed: lowercase ed it means the editor’s note, in capitals it is the editor’s note.

Other acronyms in journalism and publishing?

Often in interviews we use (sic.) which in Latin can be translated as “so”. As if to indicate this word has been indicated just like that.

This solution should be used whenever you want report that a word or phrase has been reported in this way and that it is not an error by the author of the text. Other cases of abbreviations and acronyms useful when you need to write a newspaper article:

  • NdA or author’s note.
  • Ed is the translator’s note.
  • Ed for the editor’s note.

Here’s what it means in the newspapers and how it fits other acronyms which can help the writer to give more transparency to the content.

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Why is NDR used in a newspaper?

The aim is to provide precise information capable of differentiating between a shallow text and one that can always be precise (sometimes the interviewee leaves out details). But also respectful of what the author has suggested.

Write an interview it’s not easy and it’s the details that they make the difference when you do a good job of journalism. Do you agree on this point?

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