What are the roles and tasks of a Community Manager?

What are the roles and tasks of a Community Manager?

The complexity of community management on the Internet has led to the development of a discipline that has its own weight: the Community manager. Although there are several definitions, we could define it as the the planned execution of all tasks related to the presence of a company or an institution in the field of social networks. With Community Management, a new role emerges: the Community manager.

If your brand is growing and needs a social media presence, you probably need it. In this article we will tell you all about roles and functions of a Community Manager so that you can successfully manage your social media marketing strategy.

What is a Community Manager and what does he do?

A Community Manager is a professional specializing in the use of 2.0 tools and applications who is in charge of managing a company’s Social Networks and communication channels. He responds to comments made on social networks, gives a voice to the company and, above all, it is who listens who talks about it.

If you thought that working in social media was all about creating an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube and share automatically any new information about your business, you are wrong!

If you do it, you need to review your strategy Social media marketing or you will miss a great opportunity. Social media marketing has long been a fundamental part of any online strategy.

The Community Manager, who is the responsible for managing the presence of a brand on social networks, has as mission build, maintain and improve the connection with your audience. In recent years, her figure has grown in leaps and bounds. Now yeah, let’s see it main responsibilities of each Community Manager or CM.

  • Monitoring
  • Reply
  • Active listening
  • Content creation
  • Analysis

In turn, these responsibilities mean that, day after day, the Community Manager has different tactical functions to achieve the displayed objectives:

Listen and Monitor

Its monitoring function implies that on a daily basis investigate outside of their own community, whereupon what do we say about the brand

or your products. In addition to acting, either by responding to the name of the company, or by putting its leaders on alert.

Respond and actively discuss

Within their own community, CMs bring out their empathy and responsiveness to complaints and conflicts related to your products and services, provide solutions and prevent discomfort from spreading to other users and affect your brand image.

A Community Manager must be able to put himself in the shoes of others, which allows him to be the voice of the consumer in the company.

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Solve problems with efficiency, speed and determination

You need to respond quickly and appropriately. It is not a question of answering a user’s question as quickly as possible, but of making him see that he has been listened to.

Social networks have brought with them different profiles of followers that make up your online community. Opportunists and trolls will seek leave bad comments about your business looking for a benefit or just for the sake of getting bored. In this sense, another role of the Community Manager will be to detect them, treat them and the most difficult: to be able to evangelize them.

Be passionate about what you do

The Community Manager is the visible face of your brand in the Networks, for which he must keep your enthusiasm level at 100% when you share content and answer questions, by constantly stimulating commitment from the community.

Analyze and propose

Another role of the CM is to analyze the results which generate the various content and promotional actions published on the Networks. From these metrics, you should generate reports and suggest actions and ideas to the social media manager that they are trying to achieve the intended goals.

Subtle for dealing with people

Situations such as a failure in the service or a problem in the distribution of your product, will force your Community Manager to require all his ability to communicate this situation and prevent a failure from turning into a crisis.

Creative to generate content

A Community Manager write and a lot: posts for each of the different social media platforms and their formats. Therefore, you must keep your mind always alert and open in order to be resourceful and avoid repetitions. And have your fingers in good shape!

The perfect community manager

Community Management is a complex and dynamic discipline, which is why it is essential that those who exercise it have a training, experience and profile depending on the circumstances. But what are the skills of Ideal community manager?


Must have the ability to convey the values, emotions and style of the brand through content and the messages you share with your community. All this without making spelling or grammatical mistakes, of course.


To ensure that you understand and successfully implement the goals of your social media marketing strategy, it is best that your Community Manager has been trained or is in the process of training in one of the following areas: Marketing, communication, advertising or public relations.


In his daily task (especially in mass consumption companies) the CM will be immersed in multiple conversations and simultaneous content, this is why its ability to move from one account to another and from one topic to another without making any mistakes, so as not to compromise your brand’s image.


It may be that, faced with a special promotion, a reputation crisis or because the communication strategy of the company requires it, the Community Manager must be available outside his normal working hours to manage Social Networks. . Therefore, the manager must have the necessary flexibility to do it.

To concentrate

CM lives in social media and the internet, an area that, as we all know, is riddled with distractions. That’s why to do your job effectively, you need to maintain your ability to concentrate end.


Finally, the daily work of the Community Manager requires that he be a passionate about social networks and communication in general, since he will be in permanent contact with the public, which will require all his efforts and energy.

Basic social media rules

As you will see, a Community Manager is a figure of total importance in communication of your business on social media.

Are you planning to launch your strategy? We share this infographic from The 10 commandments of social media so that you take into account when communicating with your customers.

Do not miss these key factors for a successful Social Media strategy!

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