Voice SEO: SEO issues and best practices

Voice SEO: SEO issues and best practices

In recent years, the number of voice searches has continued to increase. Indeed, in 2016, the number of voice searches on Google was 35 times greater than in 2008. But what is the impact of voice search on SEO?
In this article, we unveil the challenges and best practices in voice referencing.

What is voice SEO?

The term voice SEO refers to a natural referencing optimization (SEO) approach that takes into account the emergence of voice search.
Voice search itself is from voice recognition technology which allows Internet users to perform a search by saying the terms aloud instead of writing them in the search bar.

What is the impact of voice search on SEO?

First of all, it is important to consider thata user does not speak as he writes. Indeed, voice requests are generally formulated in the form of questions and are significantly longer than written queries.

For example, during a voice search, the user will ask a question such as “what to do in case of a computer crash? “.

Position 0 SEO vocal

As you can see in the example above, Google gives us an answer directly via optimized extracts and position 0.
Requests in the form of questions favor the appearance of optimized extracts in the SERPs. We can therefore easily establish the link between voice referencing and optimized extracts.

The presence of the long tail appears to be essential for voice referencing. Indeed, your content should be rich enough to be able to respond to specific user requests.

So, concretely, what can be put in place to optimize content for voice referencing?

Discover below 7 good practices to optimize your voice SEO.

7 best practices to optimize your voice referencing

1. Provide short, clear and concise answers in your content

As mentioned earlier, voice requests are often longer and spoken in the form of questions.

Remember that algorithms regularly scan concise snippets of your content to assess their relevance.
In order to anticipate, therefore plan a short but comprehensive paragraph to answer the related question.

For example, if you are optimizing content for the query “data theft”, you will need to include a concise answer to the question “What to do in case of data theft?”.

2. Aim for position 0 and optimized snippets for voice SEO

By following our first tip, you are also optimizing your content for optimized snippets.
If the user searches using a voice-activated assistant (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant etc.), Google will then dictate the content in the optimized snippet. Thus, a content present in position 0 will have a better chance of generating traffic from a voice search.
However, as a reminder, the main objective of Featured Snippets is to provide a short, clear and concise answer to the Internet user. As a result, the latter can sometimes be satisfied with the information present in the extract.
This phenomenon can then lead to a decrease in your CTR (Number of clicks / Number of impressions).

3. Favor conversational language in targeted paragraphs

According to ThinkWithGoogle, 41% of Internet users who use a voice assistant have feeling like talking to a friend or to another person.
Consequently, several proposed results are of the “conversational” type.
For the optimization of voice SEO, adapt your content by providing a precise answer to the targeted question, as if you were discussing with a friend.
Please note, this is not aboutadopt conversational language for the whole article but well for paragraphs that answer targeted questions.

4. Write long content for optimal voice referencing

Another tip for voice SEO? Write long content that answers several targeted questions.
Indeed, voice assistants read an average of 29 words per search. Suddenly, long content will have more likely to appear in SERPs.
When you notice that a topic particularly questions users, take care of the voice referencing of your content by answering the most frequently asked questions.

Voice referencing questions

5. Optimize your local SEO for voice SEO

“ Think vocal, act local ! “

Still according to ThinkWithGoogle, 39% of voice searches come from local queries.
Concretely, this means that 39% of searches concern local businesses, stores, restaurants, etc. local.
In order to optimize your voice and local SEO, optimize your Google My Business listing by completing as much information as possible.

6. Produce mobile-friendly content on a fast site

Once again, this is a must for SEO.
However, the need to publish your content on a mobile first site is all the more important for voice SEO.
Indeed, a large number of voice searches come from mobile devices. Consequently, having a “mobile first” site is essential to appear regularly in the SERPs after a voice search.

Finally, your site must also be particularly fast. Why ?
Because during a voice search, user waits for instant response, as if chatting with a friend.

7. Create an FAQ for your voice SEO

Finally, a last way to optimize your voice referencing is to create an FAQ page. Indeed, the latter will aim to answer the most frequent questions of Internet users. The creation of’an FAQ allows a better understanding of your content and services by users but also by search engine algorithms.

As mentioned in point 3, use conversational language to answer the various questions targeted within your FAQ. Thus, you also optimize your content to appear in position 0.

Voice SEO, a real challenge for the coming years?

To conclude, we can see that voice SEO represents already a real issue in terms of SEO.
In view of the latest figures concerning the search behavior of Internet users, it seems inevitable that the Voice SEO continues its rise In the coming years.

It is therefore aboutan excellent opportunity to increase your visibility and D’improve your content strategy.

In order to achieve these different objectives, you will need to identify the most relevant questions to which you will need to provide short, clear and concise answers within your content.

Finally, as noted throughout the article, Vocal SEO is closely linked to Featured Snippets. Do not hesitate to discover our article on position 0 and optimized extracts.

You want to establish a content strategy adapted to voice referencing ? feel free to Contact us to know more. We will be delighted to discuss these different points with you.

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