Video marketing, it’s time to get started!

Video marketing, it’s time to get started!

Today, launch a video marketing campaign will allow you to have a maximum impact on your future customers. Because video is THE way to stand out. In this article, let’s explore together theimportance of video in your digital marketing strategy and the first steps to get started.

Video marketing, but why?

A communication tool in tune with the times

And yes ! Video is on the rise and it’s not about to stop, on the contrary! According to Mediametry, 23.7 million people surf the Internet and various streaming applications daily! And young people aged 15 to 24 represent 70% of the population most active in these video formats. Whether it is series, sports programs, lives, cartoons, replay, everything goes!

Through the video and therefore your voice and facial expressions, a lot of emotions come through. Joy, anger, expertise, confidence, etc. You have a whole range of verbal and non-verbal emotions to attract your customers.

So, whether you are a multinational or a solo taker, video must be an integral part of your communication strategy!

Video on social media

Video has boomed with the rise in the use of social media. It should be noted that social networks are often an entry point for viewing videos on other platforms.

Video on mobile, essential!

The same study of Mediametry shows that the digital equipment are more and more present among the French, to the tune of 6 to 7 screens per household. And this is the smartphone which has seen the greatest progression. Every day, 44.8 million French people connect to the Internet via one of their device, that is to say 7 out of 10!

You will understand, when you create videos, make them easily visible on the mobile format. And to go more law, here is an article on the good reasons forintegrate video marketing into its business strategy.

Are you now convinced to enter the promising niche of video marketing?

Set up your video marketing strategy

Before anything else, you will have to put in place a marketing strategy that intelligently integrates video marketing in order to serve the overall objectives of your business before you start.

Clearly define your personae and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are my videos for?
  • What are the needs of my target?
  • How does my video meet its needs?
  • What action do I want my personae to do as a result of this video? What’s my call to action?

In summary, your goal should be clear so that you can measure your return on your investment in your video marketing business.

What content and what type of video?

With your targets set, it’s time to figure out what kind of video you’re going to produce. Moreover, you can have, in this article some video content ideas for your business .

It will be necessary to find a perfect alignment between the needs of your target, the “Why” of your company or your brand and especially the objectives of this one.

Create videos

Your target has been defined as well as the type of videos you are going to produce. So that’s a lot of work that has just been done, well done!

Now let’s talk about the video design. And you are going to set your budget, tight or wide. Then the internal person who will be responsible for manage video project, whether internalized or outsourced to a video provider like for example, theCreative Clap company. But it is essential to have a person who will manage the video project and follow the different stakeholders, the execution schedule and the planning!

There you go, then, are you going to launch a video marketing strategy in your company ? And what will be the goals for your business? Share them in the comments!

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