VERTONE Blog – Social protection of civil servants: deciphering the reform to come [Infographie]

VERTONE Blog – Social protection of civil servants: deciphering the reform to come [Infographie]

As part of the work to transform the civil service, a government ordinance was signed on February 17, 2021, relating to additional social protection for civil servants in health and provident matters.

The basis of this reform is to extend to the public sector an obligation for employers to participate in financing at least 50% of complementary health insurance, already in place in the private sector.

So what does this reform provide? What changes are expected for public employers and their agents? What are the specificities of the reform by slope? VERTONE offers you a first decryption in the form of an infographic.

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Social protection in the public service: How does the current system work and what does the reform provide for?

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Numerous impacts are to be anticipated for players in this market, in particular for incumbent civil service insurers. The answers will be multiple: alliance strategies, positioning on individual supplementation to compensate for limited baskets of care, service approaches, etc.

Finally, note that some historical players are actively preparing for the future, such as MGEN (VYV group) which announced an alliance with Relyens to target the hospital market, just a few days after the prescription was signed.

An additional article will be published in order to share the vision of the VERTONE teams, in the light of the first responses from insurers and the forthcoming decrees which should specify the modalities of application of the reform.

An infographic produced by Pierre-Jean Monnier, Claire Dialinas and Kenza Mikou

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