Twitter Announces New Exclusive Video Programming at NewFronts 2021

Twitter Announces New Exclusive Video Programming at NewFronts 2021

Twitter has ad a range of new video partnerships at its annual NewFronts event, including exclusive MLB, WNBA and NHL sports content, new NBC news broadcasts and other exclusive video deals that will further expand the roster content from Twitter partners.

The main focus this year, at least from a sporting point of view, will be the Tokyo Olympics – if, of course, the event does indeed take place in the middle of the pandemic in progress.

Twitter confirmed in 2019 that it had secured a deal for exclusive Olympic Games content (when it was slated for 2020), and today the platform provided more details on its deal with NBC, which will include a original live video show for Twitter titled ‘Talking about Tokyo, hosted by Adam Rippon and starring other Olympic celebrities.

NBC will also run a daily poll that will allow Twitter users to vote each night on NBC’s Primetime or Primetime Plus Olympic broadcasts, while also providing real-time video summaries throughout each day of the event.

On other sports, Twitter will also continue to broadcast live MLB content and highlights, pre-game live NHL broadcasts, while also streaming 12 WNBA live games throughout. of the season.

Twitter also announced a new deal with Riot Games to broadcast an evening of live viewing of the League Championship Series (LCS), which will be linked to the rising discussion about games On the platform.

Regarding news content, Twitter announced an expanded partnership with NBCUniversal, which will seek to share exclusive content from TODAY, CNBC and Noticias Telemundo on the platform “in a whole new way.” And it’s worth noting that NBC News will also be expanding its “Inspiring America” content series to audio through Twitter Spaces, the first new exclusive content deal for the platform’s new audio features.

Twitter also announced a new programming deal with Billboard, which include a focus on the songs most discussed in tweets, while also highlighting new video programming partnerships with Genius, Refinery29 and Tastemade.

This will expand Twitter’s range of video content, which advertisers can then promote against. Twitter also recently launched its new Selected categories for video ads, which will provide more options for brands to align their video promotions with its premium video broadcasts.

As explained by Twitter :

Organized categories include niche topics such as light content, soccer, basketball, soccer or gaming personalities and allow advertisers to pre-roll for video content from publishers covering the topic. of their choice. Publishers included in each of our selected categories are always hand-picked by Twitter teams for their relevance and ability to spark conversations within their category’s topic, ensuring a deeper level of contextual alignment for brands. “

This will provide more opportunities to tap into very engaged conversation groups on Twitter, with sports in particular providing plenty of opportunities based on these new announcements.

There’s a lot of potential here, and while video has never really taken off on the platform like Twitter would have hoped, its ongoing content offerings still make it easy to connect directly with audiences, and users on the platform. Twitter are watching more and more video content on the platform every year.

Amid various COVID lockdowns around the world, video views on Twitter increased by 62% from 2019 to 2020, while it also saw a 72% year-over-year increase in overall viewing time on the platform. These trends will normalize somewhat as vaccine deployments continue, but they show that people are increasingly turning to video content and video consumption habits are changing, which is important to note.

Twitter also says that more than 70% of user sessions now include video.

On top of that, Twitter says its Amplify pre-roll offering has proven to be more and more popular over time and is delivering good results for brands.

There is a range of potential opportunities here, and as people’s approaches to video content change, it’s worth considering how your promotional strategies are evolving online.

Perhaps with tools like organized categories and these new video programs, a new outreach strategy could be put on hold in tweets.

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