Trust is the currency of dietary supplements

Trust is the currency of dietary supplements

Confidence is always eroded.

It must therefore be constantly replenished.

We once lived in a world where 9 out of 10 doctors meant that this stuff works.

We believed it.

It worked because the majority of doctors or dentists approved it.

Now we live in a world where we wonder what this 10th doctor knows that the 9 others don’t know.

So what happened?

Culture has changed.

We have gone from trusting authority to anti-authority.

The anti-authority angle in direct response supplement marketing has been used for decades.

Anti-authority has always existed and always will be.

Direct response supplement marketers use this angle in the form of Anti-Big-Pharma.

And they have been for years.

This is nothing new.

Most supplement buyers are older and conservative.

They are naturally inclined to believe in smaller government and institutions.

So the anti-prescription drug angle has always worked with this market segment.

But the 80 and over market segment has always trusted doctors.

My mom took the supplement bottles I bought for her to her doctor to see if they could take them.

Confidence in the authority of physicians for certain market segments is still relevant.

In the classic book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini points out that obedience to authority holds a lot of power and value in a culture because there are many benefits and rewards of “conforming to the dictates of figures of” authority”.

Cialdini refers to the concept of “blind obedience” and the fact that “we are trained from birth to believe that obedience to appropriate authority is right and that disobedience is wrong”.

But this confidence in authority has eroded within a certain part of the population.

More so over the past 4 years, with the rise of fake news and the rise of conspiracy theories.

Perhaps we will also see the effect of eroding confidence in the marketing of dietary supplements?

I think we already have.

He went from doctor’s endorsement to instagram influencer. (Trust niche celebrities, another kind of authority.)

From the Instagram influencer to sustainable ecological packaging. (Trust values, as a shortcut.)

And I’m sure the transition will continue to evolve before it changes again.

Trust is not something that is defined.

Trust is built with every interaction.

Every element of communication.

Every bottle sold.

Not 9 out of 10 of them… All.


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