Trends in the travel sector in 2021 Discover them!

Trends in the travel sector in 2021 Discover them!

Faced with the changes caused by the COVID-19

, it is necessary to know the trends in the travel sector that can best function in this year 2021. It is well known that the tourist industry It is one of the most affected in this time of pandemic, due to the paralysis of all operations.

The German Travel Association (DRV), already stated that the year 2020 “it was a catastrophe for the travel industry due to the coronavirus “. Also indicating that sales losses reached 80% compared to 2019.

However, they foresee that the first hopeful signs for this industry will begin to be seen in the summer of 2021. This may occur once the information pressure of the COVID-19. Being aware that the pandemic is keeping not only any of the areas of the tourism sector on edge, but also the entire world.

Travel in 2021: webinar on trends in the travel sector

Webinar Travel in 2021

Are you interested in knowing what are the trends in the travel sector? Then you will be interested in the REBOLD Meet Up focused on “Travel in 2021·. Is web conference It will take place on May 6, at 4:30 p.m.

In it, an in-depth review of the industry will be carried out. The webinar will try to provide a analysis of the state and evolution of this sector in Spain, as well as some global trends.

María Franco, Global Research & Strategy Manager of REBOLD, will be in charge of making this presentation, dedicated to the travel and tourism industry. The objective is to study the voice and sentiment of the industry and the consumer. Likewise, María will present some suggestions so that travel companies can better face the post COVID-19 situation,

And, of course, a point that cannot be left out of this analysis is the evolution of advertising investment in the sector. The different trends and innovations that have emerged in the travel sector due to the pandemic will also be exposed.

Keys to know the travel sector 2021

travel industry trends

The webinar Travel in 2021 will therefore reveal the keys that will dominate the strategies in the travel sector in the coming months. Some of the most obvious are:

A.- The great impact on the tourism industry of Big Data, Analytics and AI

Although it is not new, the use of new technologies will increase. Such is the case of voice-driven applications, hotel or flight reservation through digital assistants such as AmazonApple, Alexa, Google or Siri. All of them will become the top priority in the industry in the short and long term.

B.- Consumers with greater awareness of the social impact

Today, users are already beginning to focus on the social aspect of the sustainability when they travel. In fact, they show high levels of willingness to support local businesses.

C.- Travel and vacations, priority in large purchases

Figures indicate that 31% of Spanish consumers usually travel for leisure at least once a year. And in 2021 this sector is expected to be the number one priority for large family purchases.

However, one aspect to take into account is that a large part of the trips are domestic and reservations are made at short notice due to the uncertainty due to the pandemic.

D.- Digital media as the main channel to connect

Here the online media on Mobile, Laptop / PC / Tablet, Social media and TV. These allow an effective impact on the different generations, to know the brands, promote interaction and purchase through advertisements on social networks, websites, etc.

E.- Online purchase drivers

Travelers, when making their purchase online, will value more the price, the return policies and that the check-in and check-out processes are simple.

6 trends in the travel sector that will emerge in 2021

Having already the most relevant keys that mark the tourism industry during this year, it is important to analyze the different trends in the travel sector. They are not simple terms to apply. These are tactics based on analysis and studies derived from current reality:

1.- The commitment to domestic tourism

Local travel

The pandemic is not over. Therefore the tourism industry is not fully operational worldwide. But this has promoted short trips, that is, national or domestic trips. So people have chosen to travel within the borders of their own country. More than anything because, in many cases, they can’t do anything else.

This will be increasingly local depending on the proximity of the destination to the place of origin. The best thing about this way of traveling is that you will not need additional documentation, nor does it represent any barrier regarding the language or the currency used. These are some of the great advantages of doing local trips.

According to the research center IDITUR, the option “live like a local”And getting in touch with the local is what stands out the most in tourism trends. It indicates that today’s tourists prefer less visited destinations and attractions. As well as a certain closeness to local residents and host communities.

2.- New tour of the tourist client

New realities imply new ways of doing things, and in this case it is no exception. Before this “New normal”, Travel companies need to rethink their approach to brand experience in the post-COVID-19 period.

In short, all travel brands, both local and global, require rethinking the customer journey. They have to range from the initial engagement to the actual user experience. These are some of the ways to achieve it:

  • Adjust the mentality from global to local tourism.
  • Get more information about customers faster.
  • Optimize the content that is shared with travelers.
  • Have a presence in the channels where consumers are.
  • Carry out a technical audit.

3.- Security around health

Biosecurity when traveling

That the pandemic is far from its end worldwide is a latent reality. However, efforts are being made in all sectors to continue life under a new normal. And the tourism industry is not left out of this way of resuming activities.

To get it it will be essential to provide the greatest confidence and security to travelers around the health issue.

Brands must be aware that, even if the pandemic is subsiding, people anywhere in the world will continue to take precautions with COVID-19 in mind. Thus, health and hygiene measures or social distance, among other aspects of biosecurity, will remain critical in 2021.

4.- Innovations in the sector

Another trend in the travel sector that will be very present during 2021 is related to travel innovations inspired by COVID-19. Health and safety will be treated with more care to generate greater confidence in travelers.

For this reason, it will work with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, biometrics and voice. So that you can maintain closeness with customers without this implying having a lot of physical contact. It is a way to fulfill the necessary social distancing.

In addition, sustainability initiatives are also proposed, due to the form of consumption that is more aware of the social impact. To this is added natural tourism, cultural immersion, adventure, experiences and road trips.

You are facing a new traveling mentality, which you have to take advantage of. And this is precisely what the following brands have done:

  • Brim Explorer: Climate-friendly experiences.
  • Borneo a la Carta: Cultural immersion.
  • Intrepid Travel: Positive Climate Strategy.
  • The Faroe Islands: Immersive experiences.
  • Make Business Travel Fun.
  • My Carbon Action: Future innovation to consider.

5.- Flexibility in reservations

Flexibility in reservations

Faced with uncertainty, travelers no longer buy closed tickets. Nor can they make reservations months in advance. The pandemic has forced to reconvert the traditional way of marketing tourism products and services. Therefore, companies must apply a good strategy to generate greater confidence in future buyers.

What should be done in this situation? Provide the reservation conditions regarding cancellations, changes and refunds. In this way, demand will be stimulated. And the consumer will be given much more security.

6.- Luxury tourism

This whole situation will also generate a greater demand for premium brands and the luxury sector. In fact, some of them will be among the first to begin recovery. This is because customers will prefer to pay more for private services and exclusive products, to reduce contact with other guests or passengers.

These are some of the trends in the travel sector that are likely to dominate in 2021. However, this is just a prelude, since it is a deeper and really interesting topic. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most affected sectors but also one of the ones with the most recovery options.

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