Top 8 social media tools

Top 8 social media tools

Managing social networks takes a lot of time for a community manager, especially for companies that prioritize marketing. Depending on the social networks, the practices are not the same and posting several times during the day requires time and a real knowledge of the platforms. It is therefore preferable to use tools intended for the publication of posts. But how to deal with the multiple solutions available on the web? Lighting !

1. Buffer

Known worldwide, this tool is widely used by companies and community managers. Like most tools, it allows you to publish content on several platforms at the same time. Among its advantages, it has an image creator titled, Pablo and an extension for Chrome and Firefox. But unlike other social media post planners, it doesn’t support Instagram. The platform specializing in photos is however becoming a must for many companies.

2. Hootsuite

Second highly regarded platform, Hootsuite is a good solution for companies with multiple contents. The tool offers the possibility of publishing posts on all social networks but also videos on YouTube. The notable advantage of this platform lies in its application. Available on Android and iOS, it allows you to stream content anywhere. Like most platforms, posts can be scheduled in advance to facilitate the work of a community manager.

3. SocialBooster

In the same concept as Buffer and Hootsuite, Social Booster offers a different opportunity, that of disseminating advertising campaigns on social networks. This feature can help community managers and people specializing in marketing. The quality of such a platform lies in its ability to be able to schedule many posts over several weeks or even months. In addition, it still has a minor drawback since it does not support posts on Google+. Even if this social network is used very little, it still helps with SEO on Google.

4. MeetEdgar

Slightly different from the previous ones, Edgar has particular strengths. It stores old posts according to several categories in a library. With so many archives, it is then possible to distribute them several times for get more visibility. However, it does not allow you to manage Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest accounts. It provides some interesting features, but there are few for businesses. The tool is more in line with the activity of bloggers and freelancers.


This tool can prove beneficial for companies with a blog or even for the media. Automated, it makes it possible to distribute an article on social networks once it is published. It can be configured on WordPress or directly on the platform of a site. When an article is posted, IFTTT automatically generates a post on all selected networks. Even if this solution can be successful, it is often recommended in addition to a powerful tool like Buffer or Hootsuite.

6. Agorapulse

Quite original, it does not only allow you to program posts like most tools. But it’s also about being able to interact directly with your community through this platform. Agorapulse synchronizes the profiles of each social network in real time to provide comments and reactions from Internet users. In addition to this functionality, it provides all the necessary information in the form of reports to understand the visibility, interaction and profile of those present within the community.

7. Post scheduler

Among all the tools available PostPlanner allows you to schedule posts as the name suggests. It has a fairly rare feature on social media tools. This solution may prove to be relevant for companies. PostPlanner through its platform presents viral content according to the sector of activity defined in advance. The person dedicated to social networks can then exploit it in order to obtain more visibility and better traffic.

8. Rignite

Dedicated to the planning of posts, Rignite has a powerful functionality for companies. It is possible to set up campaigns based on promotions and gifts. The tool can then be used in communication but also in marketing. With this possibility, companies can then retrieve feedback to understand the relevance of a marketing campaign and posts on social networks. It supports the four relevant platforms for a business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Social networks can sometimes be put aside for lack of time or dedicated staff. However, it is a lever to attract Internet users to a website and make themselves known. To manage social networks, it is certainly easier to call on a community manager, but when the funds do not allow it, these eight tools can be really effective for optimum communication.

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