Top 10: Mexican DIY Instagramers with the Most Followers |  Marketing 4 Ecommerce

Top 10: Mexican DIY Instagramers with the Most Followers | Marketing 4 Ecommerce

twitterlinkedinThe DIY, abbreviation of the expression in English “Do It Yourself”, that is to say “do it yourself” is one of the most followed content in social media, because many of us are interested in learning to make different types of crafts and we take material inspiration to help us with our creations.

This is where DIY content generators play a very relevant role, that’s why we bring you the instagramers Mexicans who share crafts and creations, those creators who have a large audience in our country and other regions, thanks to their variety, style, personality or other factors that may interest those who seek inspiration for their own ideas or brands that offer support tools for these activities.

The 10 most followed Mexican DIY instagramers of all kinds in 2021

Here is a ranking of the outstanding Mexican DIY instagramers in various areas of approaches such as makeup, drawings and other types of crafts, Starting with the measurement of Starngage, a platform that profiles influencers by type and category of influence in Mexico with a classification updated every month.

Lesslie Polynesia (@ppteamlesslie)

Topping this list is Lesslie Polynesia, well known for creating vlogs with her two brothers for 5 YouTube channels, one of which is part of our top of most famous youtubers in Mexico. On her Instagram profile she is also very popular and has 8,409,089 followers.

Most of Lesslie’s content is focused on modeling, moments from her life and professional career.Among these you can find inspiring guides to learn how to make yummy food that looks gross for Halloween at home, different makeups, and other DIY ideas that she loves to share.

Karla Rodríguez (@dolleetoile)

Known as Miss Étoile or Dolle Etoile, she is a girl from Tijuana who is dedicated to digital illustrations, with markers or watercolors based on the theme of fairy tales and porcelain dolls with a vintage touch which he shares on his profile as ideas, along with his taste for designing pins and accessories.

These representations of fantastic and surreal creations has made her acquire 130,913 followers. Dolle Etoile also has its website with all its illustrations and products that it sells.

Josué Luquín (@luquin_makeupartist)

Josué is a makeup artist from Jalisco with 12 years of experience and 8 years living the passion to guide people into the world of makeup, imparting his professional knowledge to other makeup artists in his school through masterclasses on trends, application techniques, colors, tones and naturalness that the skin must project using the correct amount of products.

In Luquín’s profile users can watch skincare tutorials and makeups to create the perfect appearance according to types of occasions, fashionable colors, novelties and more, with which it captures the attention of 91,561 followers in this social network.

Mike Sandoval (@mike_sandoval_)

Mike is a CDMX designer, illustrator and visual artist. With a particular style of creation influenced by horror movies, comics and occult-themed music it will draw you a demon, a ghost … the things that scare you the most.

Since 2011 he began to share his range of drawings on Instagram to his followers who they are now 74,436, being those of Mexico, USA, France, Brazil and Turkey those who interact with him regularly. In his posts he shows carousels or videos with his art and the process of making it, along with materials that he uses.

Rita and Punto (@ritaypunto)

The obsessed beauty blogger behind this profile is the creator of the famous YouTube channel of the same name. Rita defines herself as a normal woman (neither makeup artist, nor cosmetologist) who share everything you love about makeup, creams, hair products and general beauty stuff, staying super informed and updated on what is related to seeing each other well.

In its space, it offers tips, tricks and favorite things in cosmetics and makeup combined with its particular way of seeing life that appeals to 60,189 followers. The top 5 countries for messages of interaction with Rita and Punto are Mexico, Japan, USA, Venezuela and France.

Seher One (@seherone)

Iztapalapa urban artist named David Piñón is a renowned muralist and graphic designer whose colorful and surreal designs decorate the corners of Mexico City and has also had participation in international projects.

Painting in the street requires a lot of technique and Seher is an inspiration for others who want to follow in his footsteps in the world of graffiti sharing processes and sketches in his profile with his art oriented to the recovery of spaces through color. Seher has more than 47,800 followers.

Top 10: the Mexican Instagrammers with the most followers in the world

Daviher loredo (@davihero)

Daviher defines himself in his web as a multidisciplinary creative, specializing in typography and custom illustration. For years he collaborates from his studio with companies to develop reflective images with touches of craftsmanship that elevate his visual language.

In the profile of this Mexican artist we find “Design and illustration made with the heart and mind” to create something together and His graphics and art posts are followed by 34,434 users from IG.

Pau Correa (@paucorreamakeup)

This girl is a beauty blogger and makeup lover from Ciudad Cuauhtémoc who It has more than 900 publications, almost all of them with instructions to create the perfect makeup; both for day-to-day and special moments such as the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Pau has 33,653 followers and according to Starngage data 67.8% of the audience that interacts with it regularly are from Mexico, 5.08% from the United States and 3.39% from Germany.

Georgina Gutierrez (@paintingporahi)

This Mexican from Torreón, who currently resides in Toluca, is a thirty-year-old artist with the talent of turning everything he touches, with his paint and soul made of many colors, into something more beautiful, lively and fun; leaving the history of your processes to guide us.

Georgina’s art immerses her 32,757 followers in a happier world. His works include personalized paintings, murals, porcelain pieces and even intervened shoes. His artistic career is recognized by brands such as Disney for whom he held an exhibition and Bonafont with which he participated in the design of the bottles together with Lourdes Villagomez.

Tysa Paulina (@tysapaulina)

Our top instagramers for Mexican DIY ideas closes, for today, with this artist specialized in graffiti with the differential factor that his works are inspired by Japanese aesthetics, especially the kawaii theme: Japanese concept of the cult of tenderness or loveliness.

Tysa not only exhibits works in Mexico but also took her works to Tokyo and her pieces were part of a selection presented in the Montana paint store. His profile is followed by 31,566 people shares charming drawings that her followers ask her and inspiring phrases to motivate others to draw the way she does.

Picture: wayhomestudio on Freepik

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