to miss nothing!

to miss nothing!

You are tired of having ten tabs open to manage your social networks ? We have THE solution for you to be more efficient and organized in your communication on social networks. To manage all your social networks (and those of your customers), you need AgoraPulse ! This distribution tool will allow you to manage everything from a single interface. You will thus have all the keys to optimize your work and revive your digital strategy.

In this article, we present all the new features of this tool, which make it even more practical and attractive. You will have only one desire: to adopt it!

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Save hashtag groups

AgoraPulse recently added the possibility of creating lists of your favorite hashtags. So, in a list that you can name, for example “Social Media”, you can add your favorite hashtags and you just have to save it.

This allows you to classify hashtags by theme and use them in one click and thus save time in writing your publications for social networks.

Create hashtag groups with AgoraPulse

Post Photo Carousels on Instagram

A post said Carousel on Instagram is a post that compiles several photos.

Their particularity is to engage your audience over a longer period of time. The diagram makes sense: the more photos, the more your subscribers will spend time consulting the publication and more the algorithm will promote your publication. And this option is now possible on AgoraPulse !

You can therefore publish 10 contents on a post, any format combined. This gives you the opportunity to drag a video, a photo, a gif etc … It can also be useful to publish a publication of type narration.

agorapulse instagram photo
Creation of an Instagram carousel on Agorapulse

Target your audience with geolocation

You wish target geographically your public ?

This is now possible thanks to the “Targeting – Country” feature from AgoraPulse. You can use it to target only French speaking countries if you want to communicate only with them. Or, target the countries in which you want to expand.

agorapulse geolocation
Target your audience more with geolocation

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Inbox-Zero communication

The Inbox-Zero communication, in other words, it is the multifunction inbox.

To summarize, AgoraPulse brings together all the content (mention, like, tweet, retweet, share, message, comments, etc…), in a single platform. This allows an organization of all your social networks and offers you the possibility of:

  • reply,
  • treat,
  • assign to a member of your team,
  • categorize all your notifications.

Objective: that all messages received be answered quickly!

Awesome, isn’t it?

The inbox displays chronologically and by social networks all your notifications. Offering you the choice to prioritize your requests or to discard some of them. In addition, you can automatically moderate the messages you receive. So you can process the spam, and even assign a type of questions to members of your team who will be specialized in the field.

Archiving is also very easy. You can filter conversations, translate text in many languages, and group requests. With this tool you will no longer be afraid of the volume of comments or messages waiting for you every morning!

agorapulse-zero communication inbox
The multifunctional inbox: inbox-zero communication

You now know all the news of‘AgoraPulse, thanks to them you have all the keys in hand to manage your social networks with a master hand!

Do you have an additional question about Agorapulse? Ask them in the comments of this article!

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